Latest Art News: Artist Claims Universe as Personal Art, Creating Largest Installation Ever

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Metrov, a long-established fine arts painter and filmmaker, has launched a new branch of installation art with “Tao,” the largest, pre-installed artwork ever produced.

“Bow Shock; LL Ori”

Because “Tao” encompasses the entire known and unknown universe including all sub-nuclear, multi-dimensional probabilities and parallel universes [...], it is the largest artwork ever created, or that ever can be created.

According to Metrov, the “Tao” installation piece is based on the fairly recent scientific discovery that dark matter and dark energy form over 95% of our universe leaving the visible universe to be a mere 5%. Dark matter and dark energy, which exist everywhere, are completely invisible as they neither emit nor absorb light. Yet we know they exist as they are the only explanation for gravitational effects observed on visible bodies such as stars and galaxies. The phenomenon also validates the measurable and on-going expansion of the universe. Because “Tao” encompasses the entire known and unknown universe including all sub-nuclear, multi-dimensional probabilities and parallel universes, as well as everything else that does and does not exist, it is the largest artwork ever created, or that ever can be created.

When asked how he can claim ownership of the universe (which he referred to as “pre-Installed art”), Metrov responded, “One: Nuclear physicists have long known that nothing can exist without an observer, and that on the deepest, sub-nuclear levels, events behave according to whomever or whatever is observing them. That behavior is reflected on the surface of reality. It’s what we perceive individually. Two: Since cosmologists have proved the entire universe is expanding outwardly in all directions, which includes the atoms in my body, then I am at the very center of the universe, just as you are at the center of your universe. Three: Charles Saatchi, arguably the greatest collector and patron of the arts since Lorenzo de Medici, once suggested, and I paraphrase, ‘Art is whatever the artist decides it is.’ What this adds up to is that my claim of artistic ownership of the universe is not only legitimate, but noteworthy. My experience of the universe is unique, and belongs exclusively to me. I can do with it as I please. And I say this will all humility.”

“As above, so below.”

Metrov goes on to explain that the microcosmic version of “Tao” will be a conceptual installation piece consisting of twelve, 20,000 gallon, glass chambers suspended from a ceiling. Each chamber will be filled to capacity with a combination of dark matter and dark energy which will represent 95% of the universe. The physical chamber materials will make up the final 5% completing the 100% representation of Tao, admittedly an impossibility. The totality of twelve chambers will represent String Theory’s eleven known dimensions of reality, including an extra dimension to symbolize the ostensibly infinite dimensions yet to be discovered.

The installation will also include large format, museum quality photographs in plummeting shades of gray, ranging from pure black to pure white representing what we know and what we can never know.

Finally, when suggested that his chambers are reminiscent of Damien Hirst’s work, Metrov replied, “Tao is the logical and ultimate conclusion of what Mr. Hirst began.”

According to the artist’s website, Metrov has also “claimed” more down-to-earth installation projects, a few of which include:

  •     The Los Angeles 405 Freeway
  •     The Golden Gate Bridge
  •     The Burj Khalifa
  •     Russia
  •     China

These installations will be represented in galleries, museums, and stadiums as series of large format photographs, videos, and sculptures.

A native of Los Angeles, Metrov began his career in New York City, earning acclaim when celebs like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ben Vereen, and Patterson Sims (former Curator of Painting, Whitney Museum) began collecting his work. To learn more, please visit:

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