lenslends.com Picks up Photographers Where Calumet Photographic Leaves Off

lenslends.com adds Profoto Powerpacks and Profoto ProHeads to their rental inventory. With the nationwide closures of Calumet Photographic, lenslends.com now provides these products in addition to camera rental and lens rental in Philadelphia, PA.

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Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 03, 2014

"lenslends.com has a clear mission statement,” says President and owner, Matthew Bruce, "We are committed to equipping photographers with the photography tools they need anytime, anywhere. We fulfill this commitment by offering a top-of-the-line product offering, at competitive prices. We guarantee our products to our customers on time and in working condition."

Effective May 1, 2014, lenslends.com will take their mission statement to task by delivering on their promise of providing top of the line products, through the addition of the Profoto Pro line to their store.

The sudden and immediate nationwide store closures of Calumet Photographic presented the opportunity to lenslends.com to add the Profoto Pro-8a Powerpacks and Profoto ProHead pluses to its store offerings in order to serve PA photographers.

The Profoto Gear is established as the gold standard for studio lighting. It has earned its reputation amongst professional photographers as the most preferred and desired product to use in their shoots.

Company President of lenslends.com adds, “The abrupt closure of Calumet Photographic left photographers in the area without many options; we hope to fix that. We're excited to bring the Profoto Pro line to Philly, and are looking forward to meeting more photographers as we grow. We intend to introduce more products as demand dictates and will continue on our mission of providing the best products at the best prices."

lenslends.com is based in Philadelphia, PA

They offer photography equipment rentals, including camera rental and lens rentals by delivery or for pick-up in Center City, Philadelphia.

The company encourages the development of photographers and artists through their company's involvement and support of arts, education and charities.

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