Noted Retirement Expert Robert P. Burns Publishes "The Perfect-Retirement Formula"

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The CEO of one of the retirement sector's fastest-growing financial firms has released a groundbreaking book that unveils a revolutionary way to plan for a customized retirement with absolute principal protection. His "perfect-retirement formula" enables people at or near retirement to "build a lifestyle income that you can't outlive."

Risking the loss of principal is not an option for retirees. But you also want your money to be able to support the kind of retirement you always dreamed of.

Robert P. Burns, CEO of one of the retirement sector's fastest-growing financial firms, Senior Safety Net of Center Valley, PA, spends his days (and many nights) helping anxious retirees recover from the past decade's two market meltdowns. Now, in his new book, The Perfect-Retirement Formula, Mr. Burns for the first time shares his expertise with a broader audience of Americans who seek straight talk about their financial futures—and who expect both safety and real growth.

“Of course you want your income to last a lifetime,” says Mr. Burns, noting that the crash of 2008 alone drained an estimated $3.4 trillion out U.S. retirement accounts. “Risking the loss of principal is simply not an option for retirees. But equally important, you want your money to be able to support the kind of retirement you always dreamed of. That requires more than what you can get from CDs or T-bills. It's what I like to call a lifestyle income. And it's what my new book, The Perfect-Retirement Formula, is devoted to.”

Mr. Burns is both a growing regional presence and a trusted voice in a field increasingly crowded with thinly credentialed advisers looking for their slice of the Baby Boomer pie. Long before his new book, Mr. Burns was writing on key retirement-related matters for a variety of publications. In his most recent editorial for the historic Morning Call newspaper, he cautioned readers about the ongoing dangers of the stock market.

He also conducts local seminars on retirement planning and has had a popular radio show on the Lehigh Valley's top-rated talk station, WAEB.

The Perfect-Retirement Formula introduces a revolutionary investing platform that provides total principal protection—for life—as well as the tools for generating income to meet each retiree's individualized goals. Hence, the book's subtitle: “Build a Lifestyle Income You Can't Outlive.” Mr. Burns sees his firm's unparalleled success as a direct result of the growing traction of his message: that there are achievable options for retirees that can provide this “lifestyle income.”

Chapter by chapter, The Perfect-Retirement Formula explains the forces that conspire to rob aging investors of safety, predictability and meaningful growth. “Retirement investing is a subject about which far too little is known,” says its author. “And far too much of what people think they know is dead wrong.” With its real-world examples, its compelling logic, its analysis of historical trend-lines—and just the right touch of humor—the book reveals in everyday terms:

  • Why Wall St has never performed as advertised...and is rigged against the small investor anyway.
  • The disastrous myth of mutual-fund “diversification”
  • The cold hard truth about precious metals
  • How buy and hold, for retires, too often becomes “buy and fold”
  • The hidden fees that can eat away the bulk of investor profits.
  • The importance of working with an adviser who's in sync with the retiree mindset.

But Mr. Burns is quick to remind, “What a dreary book this would be if all I did was hammer home what retirees are up against. The key is to show people the way out, the way to fulfilling the dreams most workers have of what their retired years will look like.” So if this is a book of bruising realities, it is also a beacon hope.

After all, Mr. Burns asks, “Why just 'manage' risk when you can eliminate it, while still using your money to provide the income you need?”

The author himself was a part of what he calls “the dark side, the traditional financial industry,” until he had an epiphany one night while meeting with a client who'd suffered a troubling loss in 2008. “It didn't seem fair to me. This man who'd placed his faith in me was down--and I knew I couldn't protect him going forward, either. And I was still earning fees the whole time. Why should I be earning a good living while he's taking a beating?”

Mr. Burns resolved then and there that he would never again work with investment products where he had to apologize to clients for jeopardizing their nest eggs.

Readers will finish The Perfect-Retirement Formula understanding that they can indeed have it all: Whether retirement means sailboats or safaris—or sheltering your funds for the next generation—The Perfect-Retirement Formula can help make that vision a reality.

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