Unveils a One of its Kind, Natural Remedy for Thinning Hair

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Brand new site offers a natural method, requiring no potions, lotions or gadgets. Tom Turk has successfully used the method to keep a full, natural head of hair well into his 70’s.

Balding men and women who are losing their hair now have a place to learn how to combat their problems once and for all. melds Tom Turk’s research and proven techniques to regrow and retain a lush, healthy head of hair.

Turk started developing ideas for treating hair loss at a medical university in the mid-1980s. An initial study proved successful, and laid the groundwork for A member of the original research team passed the ideas to Turk. Now-retired, he was owner/operator of a chain of Fitness Clubs in the Far East. Turk further researched, tested and perfected these concepts.

Now that he is confident these techniques both stop hair loss and help hair regrow, he is thrilled to share them with the world through his Web site, Turk's site includes a 'freebie' section and a guide to living a long and healthy life. That part is based on his over 40 years in the fitness club industry, combined with an extensive reading of thousands of health related medical research papers. Turk today is in robust med-free health at 76, with an almost full head of naturally colored hair. Photos on the site show his progress in stopping his hair loss and growing new hair. It took Turk 20 years to perfect his system. Today, anyone can achieve quick results through instant access to his expert guidance and hard earned wisdom.

Turk identified the steps vital to curbing hair loss. All hair root damage must be stopped. Turk identified nine causes of root damage that need to be addressed. He improved upon a clever 'active' stage to tackle age-related hormonal changes. These changes cause male pattern baldness and overall hair loss in women. shows how people can stop hair-loss within a few short days. The same program stimulates new hair to grow, but that can take up to two months, depending on the degree of damage done to hair roots. Turk’s program is guaranteed to stop hair loss. After age 74, he could no longer coax new hair to grow, but has experienced no hair-loss, even at age 76.

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