Shields Company Magnetic Sweepers Chosen by Dubai World Airports

Industry leading B-B Manufacturer of Industrial magnetic sweepers for transportation industry.

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Ventura, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2014

Shields Company Magnetics, a division of Shields Company Inc, the leading U.S. manufacturer of magnetic sweepers and industrial magnets, has been chosen by Dubai World Airports to assist in their F.O.D. safety and maintenance program.

Shields Magnetics @, has been selected by Dubai Airports to supply it's magnetic sweeper line for installation on ground support equipment in the region. Shields Company, through its Saudi Arabian based agent, was chosen due to the overall superiority of their magnetic sweeper line and their reputation for outstanding performance.

"We have worked with the U.A.E. for quite a while and established a strong presence in the region," said Charlie Shields, Shields' CEO. "There are layers of complexity in establishing middle eastern relationships and it takes time and a proven track record to be given these opportunities," said Charlie Shields.

Shields Magnetics Magnetic Sweepers are utilized on all facets of ground operations to remove foreign object debris from the tarmac, runways and terminal areas. Ferrous metal trash is extremely dangerous to personnel and causes millions of dollars in equipment damage annually. The magnetic sweepers of "FOD Magnets" are mounted on all types of ground equipment and remove this ferrous metal trash in the course of daily activity.

Shields Magnetics designs and manufactures a broad line of industrial magnetic safety equipment for a wide variety of industries. Products range from small hand held lifting magnets to electromagnetic separators.


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