ReZolt® Em-Fi® Embedded Wi-Fi Solution Improves Time-to-Market for Wi-Fi-Connected Internet of Things

Advanced Software Features with Em-Fi Engineering Services Broaden Wi-Fi Penetration in IoT

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Em-Fi Software

ReZolt continues to focus on the embedded software capability through Em-Fi Software and related engineering services.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) May 08, 2014

ReZolt Corporation, an product solutions company focused on Internet of Things, today announced availability of new, advanced functionality for the Em-Fi embedded Wi-Fi solution. These include EAP (Enterprise Authentication Protocol) and S2W (Serital-to-WiFi) application. ReZolt S2W will dramatically improve time-to-market for Wi-Fi-connected Internet of Things by reducing the development time and cost. S2W provides a simple, easy-to-use programming interface for the customer host processor with access to all advanced features included in the ReZolt Em-Fi Software running on the RZ707 module.

ReZolt continues to enhance the Em-Fi Software, which now includes support for Enterprise Authentication Protocols (EAP) targeting customers developing products for security-conscious enterprise and industrial applications. Current implementation supports EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and EAP-PEAP. ReZolt can rapidly add support for additional EAP types based on customer requirements. ReZolt EAP implementation is available as a license for module companies, solution providers and OEMs.

Em-Fi Software, based on Broadcom’s WICED(TM) platform, is highly modular, easy-to-use and feature-rich including embedded and networking functions. These features are packed in a small memory footprint leaving a significant amount of memory and processor bandwidth for the customer applications. ReZolt provide Em-Fi Engineering Services to OEMs looking to cut down the development cost and time for their Wi-Fi connected IoT devices. Em-Fi Software is also available as a license to module companies, solution providers and OEMs.

ReZolt continues to market RZ707 and RZ226 Em-Fi hardware modules, both using Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip. RZ707 also includes a Cortex M3 micro controller that runs the Em-Fi Software. Both modules have FCC, ICN, CE and TELEC certifications and are in volume production. ReZolt is seeking strategic partnerships with module companies and OEMs for the Em-Fi Modules.

“ReZolt Em-Fi solution enables OEMs and solution providers to reduce development time and cost of Wi-Fi connected Internet of Things,” said Vijay Parmar, President and CEO of ReZolt Corporation. “ReZolt continues to focus on the embedded software capability through Em-Fi Software and related engineering services.”

About ReZolt
ReZolt technology enables low power, multi-protocol, multi-sensor wireless connectivity for Internet of Things. Focusing on OEMs, our solutions enable rapid and cost-effective product development and deployment of “smart” devices in energy monitoring and management, healthcare, logistics, and industrial/building automation applications.
ReZolt Em-FiTM embedded Wi-Fi solution based on Broadcom WICED(TM) Platform includes Em-Fi hardware modules and Em-Fi Software that allow rapid and low-cost addition of Wi-Fi to Internet of Things.
ReZolt is based in San Jose, California.

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