New God’s Date Match “A No Cost” Offer May Be Causing Larger Dating Sites to Seek Strategies to Retain Members

But Those Close To Christian Dating Scene Say They Have No Idea How To Fight Back

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Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) May 10, 2014

What up to just a few months ago was absolutely smooth sailing for the dozen or so Christian dating sites, is now turning into a churning sea of potential whirlpools (possibly even red ink). Theirs was an unchallenged business targeted to generate millions of dollars with a slick offer up front and a back end that would keep the money pouring in. Now, all of this could seriously be threatened. How?

By the marketing smarts of a gutsy, newbie Christian Dating site called GodsDateMatch ( They have completely re-invented the comlimentary membership offer and it’s causing everybody to suddenly sit up, pay attention and possibly walk the floor.

Prior to GodsDateMatch’s appearance, most dating sites did not offer complimentary membership as godsdatematch does. Their so called free trial membership only offered the opportunity to view potential members. Potential new members had to put up a credit card to be able to communicate with potential members. These fees ranged in price from $19.95 up to $59.95 a month.

It seems GodsDateMatch has thrown that trusted model out the window. They’ve decided to come up with a Christian dating site that not only is really free (for 30 days) including unlimited connections, but their return fee is a much lower, $9.95, including a continuance of unlimited free connections.

This is a stab in the heart for all current Christian dating sites. Their connection fees are the bread and butter of the high profitability of their business. It is highly unlikely they will eliminate or even reduce these fees. So as of now, they can only ponder what to do. Meanwhile, reports are coming in that GodsDateMatch ( is pulling in staggering numbers.

Most observers expect GodsDateMatch to remain the most attractive show in town. Why?

Because they are a subsidiary of godsfaithbook, the world’s number one non-dating Christian social network. They also thundered onto the Christian scene with zero members. Two years later they have thousands of members. So it is obvious, these are pretty savvy people pulling the strings.