Navigo Digital Signage Dubbed Digital Concierge at Mixed Use & Residential Properties

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. works with property managers at commercial, residential and mixed used buildings to enhance each facility with unique dynamic digital signage.

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Crofton, MD (PRWEB) May 12, 2014

Navigo Digital Signage, created by Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc., is being installed in Mixed Use and Residential Properties to provide a variety of information to residents and visitors.

Clarendon Center, a free-standing residential and commercial office complex in Arlington, VA, installed multiple Navigo Digital Signage systems to communicate with their target audience. On the commercial office side, Navigo was customized to provide building directory and property information. On the residential side, Navigo was customized to provide neighborhood amenity information such as services and public transportation schedules.

“Your Navigo system is what you make of it in that its capabilities can achieve virtually any goal,” said Natalie Bobila, ITS, Inc. vice president sales and marketing. “If you want to display live TV feeds, interactive surveys, request information via email or even offer scanable or printable coupons for local vendors, it’s all possible.”

Mystic River Condominiums, Medford, MA and Bloomsbury Estates, Garner, NC installed Navigo within each of the building’s vestibule areas for visitors to call on tenants. Navigo was integrated with the door control system allowing tenants to “buzz” authorized visitors into the building.

Navigo has become a trusted resource in residential and mixed use facilities as a one-stop service product to get building information and news as well as encourages local shopping at area amenities aka a Digital Concierge.

Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. provides touchscreen directories and digital signage for Corporate Buildings, Hospitals, Government & Private Facilities, Universities, Museums and other Public Buildings. Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. product line, Navigo, includes solutions for Wayfinding, Digital Signage and Visitor Badging/Processing. For more information on recent installations and general product information, please contact Interactive Touchscreen Solutions, Inc. at (800) 652-4830.



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Bloomsbury Estates, NC Bloomsbury Estates, NC

Navigo allows for resident searches and automatic door control

Clarendon Center, VA Clarendon Center, VA

Desk Mounted Touchscreen System on the Commercial Side of the Building

Westbrook Place, DC Westbrook Place, DC

Residents can view messages and view local amenities through Navigo