Société Clinical Skincare Tackles Stubborn Pigmentation with New Refinishing Plus Complex

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New Product Contains Higher Percentages of Retinol and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Combined with Proprietary Pigment Regulating Technology®

“Our clients are experiencing even greater results with this product as they step up from the original Refinishing Complex," said Denise Byrnes, co-founder and director of product development for Societe.

Société Clinical Skincare helps say ‘Goodbye’ to fine lines and skin discoloration with the newest addition to its growing product line. Refinishing Plus Complex contains a higher percentage of Retinol and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, combined with a proprietary Pigment Regulating Technology (PRT®) – which takes traditional Retinols a step further – for more advanced results. Its patent-pending technology helps deliver the product deeper into the skin and is a must for all skin types, particularly aging, pigmented and acnetic.

Refinishing Plus Complex helps break the pigment cycle with PRT - a complex of Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate, Salicylic Acid, L-lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Green Tea, and Vitamin E. This complex, when delivered using a unique patent-pending delivery system (bioemulsion), results in a 300 percent increase in the delivery of the complex deep into the cell without irritation. Traditional delivery systems of retinols, until now, often cause extreme inflammation in their effort to penetrate the cell membrane. This extreme irritation results in a keratolytic (excessive shedding) response, but not always a proliferative effect (new cell growth). Additionally, the degradation of unstable retinols drastically minimizes the effects. Société’s stable PRT formulation and patent-pending delivery allows for a more enhanced proliferative effect without far less keratolytic activity.

Retinol is the most effective substance for the care of aging and UV-damaged skin. By improving and normalizing the cell renewal process, the skin is better able to regenerate itself, the epidermis and dermis grow thicker, and the skin becomes more elastic. This ultimately reduces wrinkles and fine lines as the skin is more adequately supplied with moisture. It also appears clearer and has a healthier color, causing blemishes to become less conspicuous. With all retinols and retinoic acids, stability can be a concern as they are highly sensitive to light and heat, which can degrade and break them down very easily – making it imperative that the formula to be stable.

Refinishing Plus’ stable formulation provides numerous benefits, including:

  •     Thickens the dermis and pulls epidermis cells into line
  •     Decreases clustering of melanin granules (pigmentation, brown spots)
  •     Increases blood flow to skin’s surface
  •     Effectively treats acne
  •     Promotes wound healing and helps eradicate pre-cancerous lesions

“I have used various types of topical Vitamin A products through the years and have to refrain from using them every day as my skin tends to become irritated and will peel,” said Jean C. from Cleveland, OH. “I have been using Societe’s Refinishing Complex with great success – and without irritation – for two years now, and when I introduced to Refinishing Plus to my skin care regimen, I was pleased to see an even smoother, clearer skin tone, and experienced no irritation. I am in love with this product.”

For best results, Refinishing Plus Complex should be used in the evening following the corrector step. For enhanced activity and for more tolerant skin types, it may be used twice daily: in the evening (as instructed); and in the morning prior to sunscreen application.

This product is not meant to replace Société’s original Refinishing Complex, but rather is the next step up in its treatment line. Refinishing Complex should be used as a starter treatment for new patients or those with sensitive skin.

“We are excited to introduce a higher-strength retinol into our product line,” said Denise Byrnes, co-founder and director of product development for Société. “Our clients are experiencing even greater results with this product as they step up from the original Refinishing Complex. It is important as a skincare company that we continue to expand and evolve the product line so that it grows with our existing client base, as well as offers something new and unique to potential clients.”

Developed and tested in a clinical setting, Société’s unique formulations contain high performance, patent-pending ingredients and are paraben free, propylene glycol free and sodium lauryl sulfate free – and further-reinforce the nexus between science and skincare.

Société is available only through a physician’s office and uses a customized approach to treating a variety of skin types, including hyperpigmentation, acne-prone, hypersensitive and aging skin. This delivery system puts the professional in control of patient results, removing the ‘self-treatment/self-diagnosis’ that oftentimes reaps lackluster results. Visit to view the full line of Société’s products and peels.

About Société Clinical Skin Care, LLC
Founded in Atlanta, GA in 2008, Société Clinical Skin Care’s exclusive products are created with the professional skin care specialist in mind. Developed and tested in a clinical setting, the innovative formulations contain high performance, patent-pending ingredients that are free of parabens, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate. The Société Transition Peel System is a customized approach for treating a variety of skin types, putting the skin care professional back in control of patient results. Sold solely through the physician community the Société line is easy to prescribe and designed to increase overall patient satisfaction while maximizing clinic profits.

Société products are distributed domestically in the United States, and internationally in six countries, with additional distribution and product line expansion planned throughout 2014.

One of Société’s core priorities is its environmental impact, which is taken into account throughout all facets of the business, including: recyclable product packaging, eco-friendly ingredients, recycling, paperless systems and renewable energy. Société products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. For more information, visit or

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