Anti-CMV Drug in Development: polyDNA Congratulates International Team of Scientists on Developing Letermovir Against the Cytomegalovirus

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“Letermovir keeps the…Cytomegalovirus in check for weakened immune systems of infected transplant patients,” according to an article published on on May 8, 2014 (1). polyDNA congratulates the research team on their success, and recommends Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin against the latent CMV.

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'We recommend that concerned individuals get a CMV blood test. If positive, they should talk to their doctors about Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin.' - Mike Evans, polyDNA

polyDNA, the makers of Gene-Eden VIR and Novirin, congratulates Prof. Gerhard Ehninger and the rest of the German and US research teams that worked to develop the anti-CMV drug, Letermovir. Professor Ehninger said, “Using Letermovir, we block the release of replicating virus from the infected diseased cells (1).” The new drug was tested in a clinical study “by scientists in Dresden, Houston, Wuppertal, Münster, Würzburg, Iowa, Chicago and Stanford, sponsored by the company AiCuris (1).” Professor Ehninger continued saying, “Because of this completely new mechanism of action at a cellular level, the severe side-effects that are seen with current medications are no longer observed. For this reason, patients can be treated with letermovir even on the day of bone marrow transplantation (1).”

polyDNA congratulates these researchers since Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is a leading cause of illness and death in patients who have undergone an organ transplant. Until now, drugs approved for the treatment of CMV infection in immunocompromised individuals (such as transplant patients) include “ganciclovir, its oral prodrug valganciclovir, cidofovir, foscavir and fomivirsen. However, the use of these drugs in immunocompetent individuals is limited by their toxicity, poor oral bioavailability, modest efficacy, and the development of drug resistance.” (See Pharmacology & Pharmacy, from September 2013) (2). Unlike these drugs, Letermovir “as compared with placebo, was effective in reducing the incidence of CMV infection in recipients of allogeneic hematopoietic-cell transplants. The highest dose (240 mg per day) had the greatest anti-CMV activity, with an acceptable safety profile.” (See The New England Journal of Medicine, from May 2014) (3).

People who are infected with CMV can shed the virus (pass the virus from their infected body fluids, such as urine, saliva, blood, and semen, into the environment). Young children often shed CMV for months after they first become infected.” (See the CDC, last updated July 28, 2010) (4). This means that infected, but otherwise healthy individuals, can transmit the virus to those who have a weak immune system. For those people, CMV can be extremely dangerous. Even in healthy individuals, “CMV causes “DNA damage and inhibits DNA repair mechanisms, induces oncogene expression and telomerase activity, induces inflammation and at the same time avoids recognition by the immune system.” (See OncoImmunology, from August 1, 2012) (5).

What can healthy individuals do if infected?

polyDNA recommends that CMV infected individuals talk to their doctors about Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. This is because there are no drugs approved for those with a mostly healthy immune system. There are only two natural antivirals with a formula that has been shown to reduce symptoms of a CMV infection in two separate post-marketing clinical studies. Those products are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin.

“We recommend that concerned individuals get a CMV blood test. If positive, they should talk to their doctors about Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. The formula of these natural antivirals was designed to help the immune system target the latent virus.” - Mike Evans, polyDNA

Novirin shares the same formula as Gene-Eden-VIR. The difference between the two is that Novirin has higher quality, more expensive ingredients. The Novirin/Gene-Eden-VIR formula was tested in two post-marketing clinical studies published in September 2013 and March 2014, respectively, in the peer reviewed medical journal Pharmacy & Pharmacology (2).

Interested individuals can view the two published studies here, and

Up to 70% of those studied reported a decrease in symptoms associated with CMV infection, and users of the Novirin/Gene-Eden-VIR formula experienced an increase in overall health (2).

Each ingredient of Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin was chosen through a scientific approach. Scientists scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals around the world to identify the highest quality, safest, most effective natural ingredients that target latent viruses.

A second clinical study showed that the Novirin/Gene-Eden-VIR formula decreased physical and mental fatigue. (See Pharmacology & Pharmacy, from March, 2014) (6).

To learn more about Novirin, visit and about Gene-Eden-VIR, visit

All orders of these products are completely confidential, and no information is shared or sold to any third party. Privacy is assured.


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polyDNA is a biotechnology company that develops dietary supplements using the unique scientific method developed by Dr. Hanan Polansky, which is based on Computer Intuition.

In addition to his unique scientific method, Dr. Polansky published the highly acclaimed scientific discovery, called Microcompetition with Foreign DNA. The discovery explains how foreign DNA fragments, and specifically, DNA of latent viruses, cause most major diseases.

polyDNA developed Novirin, an antiviral natural remedy that helps the immune system kill latent viruses.

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