Substance Abuse Help Group Comments on Recent Article Regarding Marijuana Edibles

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Due to new ways to ingest Marijuana, substance abuse help is needed more than ever

Each candy possesses a high dose of THC that is meant for adults to ingest in smaller pieces, but unaware children are likely to swallow it whole

As reported by The Star Ledger (5/11) in their article, Pot Candies, Wax Add Fuel to NJ Marijuana Legalization Fight the ongoing fight to legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey is losing, as new marijuana and THC-laced candies are showing up around the state. Although these types of treats are not new, they have been making their appearance and can potentially be dangerous. In addition to candy bars laced with the substance, there are also “jollies,” which are candies that look like Jolly Rancher candies. Though a person cannot overdose on marijuana, ingesting too much THC can have harmful effects on one's body.

According to the article, reporter James Queally writes, “the danger of “jollies” lies in their appearance, police say. Each candy possesses a high dose of THC that is meant for adults to ingest in smaller pieces, but unaware children are likely to swallow it whole.” Although many studies have showed that marijuana is a harmless drug, many people who are against its legalization argue that it is still a gateway drug. Now, with these candies springing up and causing harm, the debate on legalized marijuana has now suffered a crippling blow. In New Jersey, Governer Chris Christie has promised to veto any marijuana legalization bill because he believes it would send out the wrong message.

Substance abuse, including marijuana abuse, is a relevant problem in the world today. Although marijuana cannot kill people, its side effects are still harmful. It can cause short-term memory loss, dry mouth, and reduced motor skills. Many people can seriously hurt themselves from accidents that are caused by their impaired motor skills after smoking marijuana. The best way to get help for a marijuana problem, or any substance abuse problem, is to get immediate, professional help. is a useful resource where people can get the help they need. At this website, people can read about the relevance of substance abuse in their communities, what the steps toward recovery are, and what things they can do to get help. Most importantly, people who visit this website can learn about the different types of treatment and treatment facilities that they can send themselves or loved ones too. Since most substances are powerful and addictive, sometimes, a treatment program is necessary for recovery. At can learn about the different signs and symptoms of substance abuse and where to call to get a jump start on recovery. They can also learn about the benefits of getting help, which can serve as one's motivation and inspiration for setting out on a new life.

If you have any questions regarding substance abuse help or if you would like to learn more information, please call our helpline at 1-855-842-0102.

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