Dr. Ira Williams Honors the True Father of Patient Safety Dr. Semmelweis in His Latest Open Letter

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“Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis recognized, and proved that hand hygiene, and instrument sterilization could save lives over 150 years ago.” Dr. Williams goes on to say, “Tragically, patients are needlessly dying due to similar poor patient care today just as Semmelweis recognized a century, and a half ago.”

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“”Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in America”

Dr. Williams continues, “That Mothers Might Live (http://is.gd/wdU2CM) is a 1938 Hollywood short movie available at Find The Black Box (http://is.gd/UK4Uk0). That movie describes how Dr. Semmelweis’ proven life-saving measures were rejected by the medical leadership in order to avoid doctors being forced to admit to their professional shortcomings. Dr. Joseph Lister was able to have Semmelweis’ patient safety measures accepted by doctors throughout the world, while always giving credit to Semmelweis.”

Dr. Williams continues his efforts to create public awareness of the past quarter of a century of ineffective attempts to improve patient safety, while each new estimate of needless hospital deaths is significantly greater than all previous estimates. Dr. Williams says, “The latest, strongly supported estimate of needless hospital deaths in A New, Evidence-based Estimate of Patient Harms Associated with Hospital Care, John James, PhD, Journal of Patient Safety, Sept. 2013 (http://is.gd/GzKOg3) is quadruple the original 1990 estimate in Incidence of Adverse Events and Negligence in Hospitalized Patients, Brennan, T.A., Leape, L, et al., New England Journal of Medicine, Feb. 7, 1991 (http://is.gd/LTnBli) and that track record of failure is silently accepted within every level of government, and most elements of the major media.”

Continuing his series of Open Letters (http://is.gd/wdU2CM) Dr. Williams asks, “When will the documented carnage of needless hospital deaths receive the consideration such tragedies deserve, and why do those who are in positions of leadership continue to ignore this daily, deadly debacle?”

Dr. Williams says, “There are clearly evident reasons why each new estimate of needless hospital deaths is greater than all previous estimates, and no one is talking about those reasons, save one. I know what has always been missing in the efforts to improve patient care, and I can provide a plan for a 21st Century health care delivery system that will go far beyond any thing ever imagined.”

Over 150 years after a Hungarian doctor practicing in Vienna recognized, tested, and proved the life-saving value of two simple patient safety measures non-compliance of those measures continue to needlessly kill patients. Yet there is no national outcry asking questions, and demanding answers.

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