The Lords Witnesses Bible Scholars Predict that the Sign of the Son of Man of Matthew 24 will Appear in Heaven between May 13-22, 2014

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All the tribes of the earth will beat themselves with grief as they see Jesus coming upon the clouds of heaven, which clouds are produced by two nuclear terrorist attacks on Manhattan and on London in the period from May 13-22, 2014

President Obama said, at the Hague summit on March 25th this year, in response to a question about Russia's military conquest of parts of Ukraine: "I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan" -

The Lords Witnesses share his concern. They have for the past 8 years been predicting this very event. Their latest prediction is that Jesus comes on 2014Iyyar17, which is the 17th day of the second month of the Biblical Hebrew Calendar, which this year is 2014 May 16/17. Their reasoning is that on the 17th day of the second month (actually of the Tishri1 calendar used by man from Adam down to Moses) which was 2371Heshvan17 BC, the original flood of Noah began.

This they interpret to be an antitype for a greater flood in 3 parts. Their greater flood involves a downpour of angels (the coming of Jesus), a deluge of sign responders into the last true church and a rain of lava and fire from an extinction level volcanic event involving the Yellowstone caldera. For in Genesis 7/8 the flood of Noah is described as a downpour and as a deluge and as rain. This all begins with Jesus coming in the greater ark of Noah which is fire proof rather than water proof and which, being covered in greater pitch, is invisible to man. In other words it is a stealth ark.

If the reader is asking: Why would all the tribes of the earth beat themselves in grief when they see Jesus coming? Surely they would rejoice that someone who was and therefore still is prepared to sacrifice himself for mankind and who healed the sick, raised the dead and loved the lepers and the prostitutes as much as his own apostles is turning up?

The Lords' Witnesses would answer: Because the clouds upon which he is coming are a reception party from his adversary, Satan, who pretends he does not exist, but always manages to come before he does and to rain upon his parade. The Lords Witnesses have identified the clouds upon which Jesus comes as nuclear terrorist atrocities which are the greater pillar of fire that led Moses out of Egypt and the greater 2nd fire sign of 2Kings1 and the greater 3rd and 4th fire signs of 1Kings18 which identify the modern day Elijah who also comes before Jesus and who cries out in the wilderness to prepare people for the Christ.

The president of these international bible researchers, Gordon Ritchie, forcefully points out that Jesus has nothing to do with nuclear terrorism. But that Satan, the ultimate hidden control freak, would destroy us all, if he could, rather than hand over his unseen power to the Lord of the Sabbath. So these terrorist attacks are bad news from Satan, attempting to upstage the good news of the arrival of the Christ in the greater ark of Noah referred to by Peter in his first letter.

The Lords' Witnesses are an international Christian bible research based church operating mainly in the UK, but also in the US, Germany and Austria. They specialize in bible chronology and in decoding the symbolic meanings of the scriptures. Their research concludes that the Hebrew year from 2014Nisan1 (2014 April 1) to 2014Adar30 (2015 March 26) is the 7th year of the initially unobservable Kingdom of God. That makes it the 7th year of the 7th millennium since the fall of Adam on 3993Nisan14 BC (when he was 33½ years old, the age Jesus was when he gave his life as a ransom for Adam). So 2014 is the first Sabbath year of the Kingdom of God. In this year the Lords Witnesses research indicates that salvation into the Kingdom of God begins against a backdrop of various effective looking spoiling tactics from Satan and his descended demonic administration.

Their president explains the coming year as follows: "Putting this all in layman's terms - The battles that used to be fought in the heavens are now going to be fought out to a successful conclusion on earth. So everything is about to become very Sci Fi and not entirely dissimilar to that awful Seth Rogen movie: This is the End."

For more details of their symbolic bible interpretations and end times chronology please visit

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