Independent and Minor Party Candidates for Congress Unite Against Political Gridlock

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The Jeremy Burgess for Congress campaign announces that a group of independent and minor party candidates has formed a coalition heading into this election season. Their goal is to work together in an effort to eliminate the partisan gridlock that is prevalent in Congress Washington, D.C.

As the number of independent voters has increased nationwide, a group of independent and minor party candidates for the House of Representatives have joined together to form a coalition going into the elections later this year.

“We have come together to show the voters of America that while we are independent of the two major parties, this doesn’t mean that we are undertaking this endeavor alone,” said Jeremy Burgess, independent candidate from Michigan’s 8th Congressional District. “We are ready to solve issues and move the country forward, something the Democrats and Republicans have not been able to do.”

The fact that the two parties have failed to work together to pass legislation tackling key issues for the American people seemed to be a driving force behind the decision of many of these candidates to run for office. Josh Dill, candidate in the 13th Congressional District in Illinois, decided to create a new political party as opposed to running as a candidate for one of the two major parties. “The reason I choose to create and run as a new party is because of the constant gridlock and polarization between the two established parties. It seems no matter who is in control, Democrats or Republicans, neither group can compromise to get things done for the people.”

Jason Ramey, candidate in California’s 11th Congressional District, was asked why he was interested in joining a coalition of independents and minor party candidates. “A group of like-minded people that can agree on a few ideas before they go to Congress can make a huge impact once they get there. I like the idea that a group of independent politicians that aren't tied to a political party can choose the best laws and policies for their constituents and not what's best for the lobbyist or political parties.”

This group of candidates believes that this election is a great opportunity to bringing change to Congress. When asked what change Americans can expect if they elect the members of the coalition, Mark Bray, candidate in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, responded, “We would see congressmen motivated to solve the problems of our nation rather than holding an issue hostage for the next election to use against the other party.” Burgess agreed. “You would see more action in Congress. I think that not only would you see the members of this group working with other members of Congress to get the job done, but I also think the members of the two main parties would finally realize that the voters are fed up with partisan politics and start working with one another.”

Candidates who have joined the coalition include Mark Bray (AL-5), Jason Ramey (CA-11), Michael Mussack (CA-25), Luther Lee (FL-2), Stephanie Anderson (FL-23), Karen Johnson (IL-3), Josh Dill (IL-13), Jeremy Burgess (MI-8), and Josh Ramirez (WA-4). For more information visit or contact any of the candidates listed above.

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