Unveils Some of the Worst Foods to Eat in America and a Few Foods Not to Eat According to Food Experts

Share Article uncovers some of the foods to avoid for various reasons according to recent research and a few caloric foods to avoid for health reasons.

At, we help women find the information they need to feel beautiful and confident. reveals some of the worst foods in America and takes a look at some of the foods to avoid according to experts for various reasons to enable women to make more informed decisions when it comes to their daily choices.

While eating most foods in moderation is usually a sensible approach, in the case of certain foods, complete avoidance is the best way to go. Fast foods are often linked to the obesity epidemic in America due to the fact that they contain a massive number of calories and little to no nutrients and because their convenience and price make them attractive. Even so, all fast food is not created equal.

The article on the worst foods in America from lists 10 of the worst food to eat from several fast food joints. All foods contain more calories than the recommended daily calorie allowance. To put things into perspective, the article highlights the staggering nutritional information and makes a few revealing comparisons to other foods to illustrate how much damage seemingly harmless alternatives can do, especially when they are consumed on a regular basis.

Junk foods may be the obvious choice when it comes to foods to avoid, however, they are definitely not the only ones that can prove harmful. There are several foods that food experts recommend staying away from or, at the very least, consuming in moderation.

The article titled '10 Foods Experts Say Not to Eat' from looks beyond the usual suspects when it comes to foods to avoid and highlights ten food choices that, while not extremely unhealthy per se, should be avoided or just consumed more rarely for various reasons.

While some of the foods listed are potentially dangerous for health due to various reasons, other alternatives are just a few foods not to eat when trying to lose weight, even though some alternatives can be reasonably healthy.

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