testenvironmentsmanagement (TEM) highlights new features of its first ever SaaS Cloud Based Test Environments Booking/Management System - http://www.testenvironmentbookings.com

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Test Environments Booking System (tebs) - A SaaS cloud based online system that captures scheduling, booking and allocation management of test, development, pre-production environments and available on a subscription basis from their website at http://www.testenvironmentsmanagement.com,

tebs hosted at http://www.testenvironmentbookings.com has many features to include the following;

Sign up and get a Master User Account.

A Master User Account can create 10 different accounts across Super User and Standard User Accounts.

A Master User Account is effectively a test environments booking application instance.

Create a new environment by first creating the server, the environment instance and then book out the environment, the booking becomes visible immediately across the environment chart and booking calendar.

An environment cannot be booked across the same dates to negate any booking scheduling conflicts.

Save, archive and restore data/records as may be necessary.

A Data obfuscation/masking tool that can convert between 2000 and 5000 records in an excel file from sensitive data to masked or dummy data that can be used for testing and also available at our main site – http://www.testenvironmentsmanagement.com. All conversion is done in real time in dynamic memory on your computer (and not stored on our servers).

No need for convoluted and cumbersome spreadsheets, or other basic resource management tools, tebs is a purpose built test environments booking system that captures the fundamentals of booking and managing the usage of a test, development, pre-production or even production environments.

tebs acts as a CMDB, capturing Configuration Items such as IP Address, server location, disk space allocated, memory and CPU’s allocated etc.

tebs can also simply be used to capture/hold information on servers, computers, devices, Hand held devices, technology assets etc.

24 Hours support with a turnaround of any queries within 48 hours.

No consultancy, no additional fees or preparation required, sign up in minutes at http://www.testenvironmentbookings.com and start using the system.

Free two weeks trial available before signing up to use the system.

Designed and developed by specifically Application/IT Environments Management professionals with over 20 years experience in the field.

About TestEnvironmentsManagement.Com (TEM),

TEM is privately owned by Tems Consu Pty Ltd and has been providing consultancy service for several years in the specific area of Test Environments/Project Management Services to corporate organisations across the financial services, insurance, SME’s and other government institutions etc.

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