Highlights Relevancy of Alcoholism

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Substance Abuse Help Group Aims to Provide 24-Hour Support For Alcoholics by Commenting on Latest WHO Report

As reported by The Huffington Post (5/12) in their article Alcohol Killed 3.3 Million People In 2012, World Health Organization Reports, recent studies show that alcoholism is a major issue for many people around the world. According to the report by the World Health Organization, more men than women die from alcohol and that people aged 15 and older drink an average of 17 liters of alcohol per day. The report also notes that alcohol is linked to many diseases and illnesses. Also, people of a lower social class are more likely to suffer negative consequences from drinking, since their chances of receiving proper health care are much lower.

According to the article, reporter Kate Kelland writes, “The global status report on alcohol and health covered 194 countries and looked at alcohol consumption, its impact on public health and policy responses. It found that some countries are already strengthening measures to protect people from harmful drinking. Those include increasing taxes on alcohol, limiting its availability by raising age limits and regulating marketing.” The study went on to find that Europe has the biggest drinking problem in the world, noting that many Russian men die from alcohol each year.

"Though many countries are taking steps to control alcohol abuse, including the United States, it continue to be a relevant problem," said the head of Substance Abuse Help Group. "Many people believe that alcohol is safe because it is legal and a social activity. However, many people end up dependent on it. Alcoholism ruins many lives each year so we have established a website to act as a safe place for those who want to seek help."

This latest study shows that alcohol negatively affects the lives of many people each year. Also, those who are already involved with a drinking problem need additional help to get better. At, people who already suffer from a drinking problem or who have a loved one with a problem, can find out more information on how to get help. offers to teach people about the signs of alcohol abuse, the withdrawal process, and the benefits of getting help at a detox center. Most importantly, the website gives advice on how to choose an alcohol detox center that can best fit individual cases. Since no two addiction cases are alike, it is important to know what kind of treatment center will work best for individual situations. This website can be helpful to those who want to recover but don't know where to start. Here, people can find the phone number to a helpline where they can connect with a well-trained, knowledgeable staff member. Though alcohol is safe to drink occasionally and responsibility, it can ruin lives and families when used irresponsibly. By acting now and getting the right kind of help, people can make huge differences in their lives.

To learn more about a substance abuse program or to talk to a caring counselor, please call 1-855-842-0102.

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