ABG Capital has Just Launched a Brand New Website

ABG Capital developed an entirely new look and feel for their website and today it was launched.

(PRWEB) May 13, 2014

The ABG Capital team has been working on creating their new website for weeks and it has finally been launched for the public to view. Keeping a fresh looking website is important to ABG Capital and they have put a large amount of time and effort into the new site.

The overall look and feel to the website took the most time because they wanted something that was welcoming and professional. They also wanted to incorporate a borderless look so the site feels much more open. They wanted visitors to look at the site and not feel like they were visiting some faceless organization.

“Our website is an extension of our people and our culture and it should be representative of that,” said Jeff Tapolci, CEO of ABG Capital. “We have such a unique atmosphere at ABG Capital and we want people to feel as welcomed while they cruise our website as they do when they walk through our office.”

ABG Capital is a very family oriented organization and they really wanted that to show through with their new website design. As you can tell from looking at the new site, the tone of the content and the images take on the same feel as their organizations culture. Part of the design plan was to reduce the amount of content that was on the site so that the remaining content would contain the most meaningful information. ABG Capital wanted to focus more on displaying images that represent the company rather than using only words.

The most successful part of the new ABG Capital website is the inclusion of all of their employee pictures. They highlighted all ABG Capital employees as well as all employees working for their four portfolio companies. Their four portfolio companies are VoIP Innovations, InspiraFS, GlobalPOPs and End User Services.

ABG Capital is a privately held business management company located in Pittsburgh, PA. ABG Capital supports its portfolio company’s growth and success by offering aggregated back office services such as accounting, administrative, legal, IT, software development, HR, and marketing communications. Offering these services allows for the portfolio companies to have a competitive advantage as well as an equation for quick paced success. For more information, please visit the ABG Capital Blog.


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