6 Easy Steps to Enhance Phytoceramide Use from Sublime Beauty®; Younger, Softer Skin in a Month

Improving skin well-being and looks has become easier with Phytoceramides. But there is more than just taking one capsule per day - Sublime Beauty® has designed a simple guide to take skin to the next level.

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) June 02, 2014

Anti-aging skin care goes to the next level with Sublime Beauty®.

Sublime Beauty® designed a system around Phytoceramides, an exciting new natural supplement that replenishes ceramides, with other steps for better, younger skin.

"We are so excited about the effectiveness of Phytoceramides," says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®. "I take these myself and have seen the personal results. Phytoceramide capsules replenish important ceramides in skin for moisture, plumpness and barrier protection."

Sublime Beauty® designed the easy "6 Step System to Enhance Phytoceramide Use." Heshelow also has published a book about Phytoceramides available at the Amazon Kindle store.

Taking one phytoceramide daily is an easy and effortless way to improve skin, but the Sublime Beauty® system takes skin to the next level. Each step is easy to implement and will make a difference.

One step is Skin Brushing, popular at Sublime Beauty® and great for overall well-being. Skin Brushing will help exfoliate the dead cells and toxins from skin to reveal newly fresh ceramides in skin. But it also helps boost blood circulation, move the lymphatic system, reduce cellulite and boost mood.

The brochure can be downloaded on the Phytoceramide product page at the company webstore, or at the special website about Phytoceramides. A video outlining the 6 steps is attached to this press release as well.

ABOUT: Sublime Beauty® is a quality skincare company that focuses on products to “Age Younger”. Products help to boost collagen, hydrate, relax wrinkles and improve skin. A niche includes healthy Skin Brushes. The company webstore offers free standard shipping and a VIP Club. Products also available on Amazon.