OpenSpades Now Playable on Mac OS X

The popular, free site, affectionately dubbed “Minecraft with guns,” is proud to announce support for Mac OS X.

(PRWEB) May 17, 2014

OpenSpades 0.0.11 is proud to announce that it now supports Mac OS X. This update also brings a variety of tweaks and improvements to both gameplay and visual effects. The complete change log can be viewed online at

"We are happy to be Mac compatible. OS X is an under-served market with limited options for free and enjoyable first person shooters." - izzy, co-founder of Build and Shoot

OpenSpades is a free online voxel shooter developed by the community at It runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows. OpenSpades, coined “Minecraft with guns” by its loyal players, is a first-person, PC shooter game that lets players dynamically change their surroundings by placing and removing blocks in the midst of battle. The game is extremely customizable; users have complete control over their experience. They can replace any game asset with their own creation, or with other user-created assets.

More information about OpenSpades and its customization can be found at

Buld Then Snip LLC operates online gaming communities, most notably Build and Shoot, the home of OpenSpades, which sees over 10,000 unique visitors per day. is a player-run community for the free and highly addictive game known as Ace of Spades. Login to play the game, interact with others, and customize your experience!


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Improved bullet and particle effects Improved bullet and particle effects

OpenSpades 0.0.11 improved bullet and particle effects