Claire Dwoskin’s Foundation Sponsors Scientific Conference: Colleague Presents Research-Backed Hypotheses Related to Autism

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Using her latest research, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, presented hypotheses that link autism to heavy metals, sulfate deficiencies, and glyphosate. Dr. Seneff is on the scientific advisory board of the Children Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) founded by Claire Dwoskin of the Dwoskin Family Foundation.

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At the Third International Symposium on Vaccines, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a scientific advisory board member of CMSRI, presented some of her findings related to the adverse health effects of aluminum adjuvants.

Claire Dwoskin, co-founder of the Dwoskin Family Foundation – and the Children Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) – supports research that sheds light on the link between autism and aluminum-adjuvented vaccines. She also supports research that identifies links between toxic exposures and the etiology (causes of )and pathology (processes involved) in autism spectrum disorders.

According to Dr. Seneff, one causal link is exposure to aluminum adjuvants, which results in sulfate deficiency.

According to an article on about sulfate deficiencies and autism that features Dr. Seneff's research, "Dr. Seneff persuasively makes the case that neurological brain diseases have a common origin that begins with an insufficient supply of sulfate to the brain." Through her research, Dr. Seneff has been led to believe that this insufficient supply of sulfate "impairs the brain's ability to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins."

One of these heavy metals is aluminum, a metal found in many of today's vaccines. It's also a metal with side-effects that are covered thoroughly in the documentary featuring research funded by Claire Dwoskin and CMSRI called "The Age of Aluminum."

As mentioned in the article on, Dr. Seneff believes that sunlight may be protective against autism. To measure how strong or weak the connection between sunlight and autism is, Dr. Seneff and her co-investigators calculated Pearson's correlation coefficients after measuring autism rates of children in different states. Of the different demographics tested, the link between vaccination rate and aluminum/mercury was the strongest with a 0.38 co-efficient (-1 being the weakest, 1 being the strongest).

Dr. Seneff also investigated the link between autism and glyphosate, a broad-spectrum herbicide known as Roundup®. She found that "both glyphosate and autism are associated with low melatonin, impaired sulfur metabolism (and low serum sulfate), low vitamin D, sleep disorders, disrupted gut bacteria, and more."

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CMSRI provides funding for research to address the significant increase of immune, inflammatory, and cognitive disorders in children and adults. Previously funded by the Dwoskin Family Foundation and its founders Claire and Albert Dwoskin, research on the links between toxic exposures and chronic health conditions such as autism are now being funded by CMSRI. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, CMSRI is focused on discovering changes in human exposures that may be linked to chronic health conditions like Alzheimer's and autism. To fund new research that is independent and methodologically sound to uncover facts about autism causation and other chronic health conditions, donate to CMSRI today.

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