Formetco Incorporated Brings a New Dynamic Video Scoreboard to the Game

Stadiums and schools across the country could benefit big from the evolution of the scoreboard to more than just a traditional score tracker.

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Could this be the future of our Friday night light events?

(PRWEB) May 17, 2014

Formetco has added some LED video scoreboards to their arsenal of digital sign products. Athletic directors, stadiums, universities and schools have already started taking notice. Could this be the future of our ‘Friday night light’ events? The potential for this type of versatile scoreboard is endless. Booster club could see increased sponsorship even from national brands.

Similar types of these video scoreboards have been in use by professional teams for years. Formetco has designed a system with similar functionality and impressive presentation that can now be obtained by all. With the cost of LED signs dropping over the past several years, this could defiantly be the evolution of the traditional scoreboard that teams and coaches have dreamt of.

All of the excitement of being part of a major league team, right on your home field. Instant replays, animations, advertorials, the works, all standard. Formetco has grown their LED product line from message signs and billboards, to portable LED displays and now video scoreboards. And the VideoFields scoreboard product line doesn’t disappoint. The same quality LED screen that Formetco is recognized for with powerful out-of-the-box software to support. 100% financing options make this an even more attractive package.

Technology moves so fast and I wouldn’t be surprised if that most every future local sport doesn’t begin using this type of scoreboard system.


  • Jason Gribble
    Formetco, Inc.
    +1 (706) 781-8059