LitCap Founder's Q&A Answers the Question Why Use Legal Financing Marketplace

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Founders of the only legal financing marketplace answer Q&A and explain the market history and need for legal financing.

Attorney Legal Financing Marketplace
Lawyers have been financing their contingent cases the same way for decades, just as it was done when Abraham Lincoln was trying cases, before the telegram, before the car, and before electricity or the internet.

LitCap, an online marketplace that connects attorneys with qualified investor' lenders for case cost financing, speaks out to address common attorney financing questions in the first webinar for litigators on the attorney financing marketplace.

Questions answered by the LitCap Marketplace founders Britton Holland & Hugh Plummer include:
Question: Describe the perceived conflict of interest trial attorneys face today?
Question: What are the pros and cons of each of the legal capital financing options available today besides traditional bank lending?
Question: Why do attorneys recommend the LitCap Marketplace?

“There are better ways for attorneys to finance their practice,” commented Hugh Jones Plummer, Jr., Managing Director of LitCap. “Capital financing has evolved, and the cost demands of managing a legal practice have risen; which is why we founded LitCap to provide a better alternative to legal financing for lawyers by lawyers." When asked about the webinar he stated, “Members constantly tell us they wished they had known about the LitCap Marketplace sooner."

Whether you have a case which could use a bigger "War Chest," or would like a better solution for capital, watch this webinar to find out how to better finance your cases. Includes a pro/cons analysis of the available legal capital options, and a product tour of the LitCap Marketplace. Hear the benefits from trial lawyers of using nonrecourse financing for case expenses. Learn how the top tier practices are using the LitCap Marketplace.


  • Attorney Legal Capital Funding Stats
  • Facts for the LitCap Marketplace
  • Fierce Competition: Alternatives to Banks: Attorney Financing Options in Today's World
  • Let's talk about increasing your case "War Chest"
  • The History and Evolution of Attorney Legal Funding
  • Check which cases have been funded year to date
  • Q&A with the LitCap Founders

“The majority of the attorneys that we talk to understand that funding their clients’ case costs is the least effective use of their funds," commented Britton J. Holland, President of LitCap. "But until now lawyers have not had a product that is as flexible and well suited for their practice as LitCap. Lawyers can now use their revenue much more efficiently and effectively without worrying if they can afford to finance the next case that comes through the door.”

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“Lawyers have been financing their contingent cases the same way for decades, just as it was done when Abraham Lincoln was trying cases, before the telegram, before the car, and before electricity or the internet, remarked Mr. Plummer. "Furthermore, having a platform that mitigates the ability for the big guy to outspend the little guy in litigation, truly brings balance to the civil justice system in the United States. It circumvents the inherent conflict between a lawyer and his contingent client and directly benefits the State Bar IOLTA program in every state where LitCap is used. We believe that LitCap is to case cost financing what Westlaw and Lexis Nexus were to legal research.”

About LitCap:
LitCap is a marketplace where preeminent attorneys obtain financing for case related expenses from qualified investors.

At LitCap we believe that your case cost financing should function exactly the same way your contingent fee agreement works with your client. If you are successful you repay the debt, if you are not successful the debt may be forgiven. When your business is contingent based your financing should be also. With LitCap, no periodic or monthly repayments are required. Lawyers repay the loan at the end of their client’s case if the case is resolved successfully.

Take control of your case cost financing today and contact Aubree Feldmann at LitCap.

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