Chicago Real Estate School Releases New Customized Textbook

The text, which has aided in launching countless successful Real Estate careers throughout the Chicago area, is now better than ever.

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 18, 2014

The Chicago Real Estate School is the only school to use a hand written customized text specifically designed to target ONLY the topics students need in preparation for the state exam. It is written in a very easy to follow format and containing many hundreds of practice test questions. Unlike other published texts there is no wasted space, error free, and loaded with exam prep. material. This book as viewed by past and current students, particularly those with experience with other textbooks is immensely popular and looked upon as a significant asset in guiding them through the process.

Although there is material content in the text that you will not find useful to your upcoming Real Estate career, such as Legal Description of Land, it is thoroughly covered due to the fact that it will show up on your state exam. Other important topics covered include Real Estate Agency, Fair Housing, Appraisal, and Environmental issues. Students attending the Chicago Real Estate School will benefit greatly from a majority of these topics and also through their instructor gain strong initial training guidelines on how to maximize their potential in the industry.