Amazing Ideas for Learning With Legos Have Been Released On Kids Activities Blog

Amazing ideas for learning with Legos and a fun Memorial Day craft have been published on Kids Activities Blog. These ideas are perfect for kids of all ages who like to play with Legos.

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learning with Legos

learning with Legos

Teach math, science, and reading by playing Legos.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) May 19, 2014

Legos are fun. Amazing ideas for learning with Legos and a fun Memorial Day craft have been released on Kids Activities Blog. Kids will love to learn math, science, and reading by playing with Legos or Duplo bricks.

Learning with Legos is fun for kids of all ages. The ideas to learn with Legos include making Lego impressions on play dough and let the kids investigate and find the matching pieces.

Invite the kids to a math challenge with a printable that can be downloaded on Kids Activities Blog. The printable can be used for Legos or Duplo bricks. Measuring items around the house using Lego bricks is another igneous idea.

Build a Lego castle and tape on sight words for the kids to memorize during the process. Freezing Lego figures in ice and letting the kids play archeologist will make for a fun afternoon at home.

Any Lego and baseball lover would like to learn math by setting up a fun baseball Lego field. Let the runners advance the bases based on Baseball cards.

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. Enjoy celebrating the holiday with fun crafts for kids. Fireworks make many parents nervous when kids are around them. Kids like them but are also often afraid of fireworks.

The firework craft is both exciting and fun. The craft is easy to put together and the kids will love to watch the marbles roll around the pan. Supplies needed to make the amazing craft are marbles, washable paint, paper and a baking pan.

Place the paper inside the baking pan. Use red and blue paint to resemble the holiday colors. Place only a small amount of paint in the pan otherwise the colors will blend.

Let the kids have a blast by rolling the marbles through the paint around in the pan. Once the creation is finished, let the picture dry and start all over again.

For detailed instructions and to get additional fun ideas, check out Kids Activities Blog this week. Come get inspired to let the kids have a blast while learning.

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Memorial Day craft Memorial Day craft

Memorial Day craft

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