Altibase's Hybrid In-Memory Database Provides the Tools to Protect Organizations from Data Breaches - eTDE, ECC, 1x Decryption

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Altibase’s hybrid in-memory database (ALTIBASE HDB) is fighting the war on data breaches by redirecting perpetrators to easier prey. Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely protect from data breaches; however, Altibase’s unique hybrid engine provides organizations with the tools to divert criminal attention to easier targets.

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A 100% guarantee of complete data security is a technically impossible. Every system has potential holes; every kind of encryption can eventually be broken. Add human error into the equation, and data vulnerability is spinning out of control.

Data security has always been a critical IT concern, but recent data breaches at giant organizations like Target as mentioned in Bloomberg Businessweek on March 13, 2014 have highlighted the devastating impact it can have on an organization's bottom line.The collateral damage to financial institutions is massive. Data breaches do not only have an enormous cost in dollar terms, but also severely mar organizations' reputations and consumer confidence.

A 100% guarantee of complete data security is a technically impossible. Every system has potential holes; every kind of encryption can eventually be broken. Add human error into the equation, and data vulnerability is spinning out of control.

Sound scary? It is. Altibase can help.

Altibase’s hybrid in-memory database combines a RAM database and on-disk database in a single unified engine which marries high-intensity data processing though RAM and mass storage capacity of physical disk. What this allows is rapid detection of real-time data, cross-checked with historical baseline data to identify outliers that may indicate a threat 24/7/365. The hybrid architecture allows for high-speed processing with seamless communication with historical data in a single database – efficiency delivered.

With this hybrid foundation, Altibase HDB's advanced, native encryption features such as Enhanced Transparent Data Encryption (eTDE), Encrypted Comparison Code (ECC) and 1-time decryption are designed to give enterprises enough time to detect the breach, inform all impacted parties, and take remediation measures. This gives organizations the tools and the time that they need to respond to and extinguish the impacts of data security breaches before the results are irreparable.

"In the wake of the recent data breaches, organizations must work closely with their solution providers as well as adopt cutting-edge database technology that can help protect against data breaches. The situation is quite analogous to a safe. All safes can be broken into, but it is a matter of how long it takes to break in that deters criminals from choosing ‘A’ or ‘B’ as their target. With our hybrid database and robust set of native data security tools, Altibase’s job is to make our clients’ data too time-consuming to deal with, so that the would-be perpetrators move on to easier prey. “--Chris Chung, CEO Altibase Inc.

Data breaches are unfortunately an accepted reality amongst enterprises. The best strategy that any company can use is to encrypt their data enough so that if a breach occurs, the data itself is useless to the attacker.

However, as Moore's Law continues to press on, this strategy becomes increasingly ineffective. For example, if an encryption is developed today that claims to take 100 years to crack, in 4.5 years, that same encryption will only be secure for 100 days. If OpenSSL's Heartbleed Flaw taught us anything, it is that even encryption is not absolute, and additional layers of security must be developed to prevent attackers from accessing data itself.

Looking forward, Altibase is working closely within Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) on a variety of use-cases. NFV and SDN appear to be on a strong trajectory for how enterprises route, store, and analyze data. These platforms, while still fairly new, open up a world of possibilities for application developers and security engineers by bringing data access and real-time traffic analysis down to the packet level in a unified software layer. This makes the decision of choosing a database on which to build your platform an absolutely crucial component of your strategy.

Altibase was founded on the principles of looking beyond the now in order to iterate and redefine the way data is managed and protected.

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About Altibase:
Altibase is the pioneer of in-memory databases with its beginnings 22 years ago as a government-sponsored research initiative. ALTIBASE HDB is the only hybrid database management system of its kind. With offices around the globe, Altibase provides legendary 24×7 support.

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