Enada NADH Extends Telomere Length - True Longevity Product - 64 Year Old Has Telomere Length of 33 Year Old .

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Birkmayer NADH Advises that Recent Telomere Testing at Spectracell Labs Confirms Telomere Growth

Telomere Length Test Graph

Female 64 years old

"Quite Impressive results " Jonas McGilroy, CEO Birkmayer NADH USA.

Enada NADH, the only patented stabilised, food grade NADH product available has been tracking a few of its customers for the past 11 years who have been religiously taking Enada NADH tablets. All customers are in good health and have maintained a lifestyle of healthy foods and exercise. Enada recently tested the blood samples of a still employed 63 year old male and a 64 year old female to determine if Enada NADH did, in real time, have anti-aging properties as outlined in their US Patent Application # 20040126751 of July 1st, 2004 Method Of Prolonging The Life-Span of Living Cells Using NADH, NADPH and ADP-ribose.

In addition NADH has the ability to repair DNA damage which was reported in the Journal of Tumor Marker Oncology Volume 13,Number 4, Winter 1998 after a study was carried out at the Department of Oncology, Zhujiang, Guangzhou, China

As NADH is shown to repair DNA damage and a telomere is a region of repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration it would be understandable to think that NADH preserves the telomeres, to confirm this Birkmayer NADH in USA carried out telomere length testing.

Both customers had been taking Enada NADH since 2003 then aged 52 and 53. The male had been taking the 10mg lozenges and the female the 5mg tablets every morning.

Blood samples were sent to Spectracell labs in Texas for Telomere length testing. Those reports were received on the 14th May 2014 with impressive results.


The 64 year old female had a telomere length score of 7.94 or that of an equivalent length equal to a 33 year old as defined by Spectracell Labs database.

Whereas the 63 year old male had a telomere length score of 6.88 or that equal to a 55 year old person as defined by Spectracell Labs database.

"These are impressive results and ENADA NADH will continue to provide to its consumers a quality and proven product to assist in longevity." stated Stuart Hoffman from Enada .

To maintain good health and to prolong life the following needs to be done:

  • a healthy diet
  • correction of micronutrients in the body
  • a lifestyle of some consistent exercise
  • a decrease in oxidative stress
  • stay hydrated
  • No sugar

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