Job Search Website Reports Uptick in Job Listings in New York City

New York City job search website operated by Ace Innovation Group reports rise in job listings in the city.

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New York Department of labor reports lowest state jobless rate in five years.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

Economic downturn has affected every aspect of life in New York City including jobs. But now the improvement in economy is evident. is a leading job search site for the city and surrounding areas. Today the website reported that the number of job listings posted on the website for jobs in New York City is rising.

“People of New York City have a bright future ahead of them. Employers are hiring again” says one official. The website is also known for its low cost job postings with a mission to reduce the burden on small business employers. The staff at the company stated that they want to help the employers by keeping the cost of job listing low. "It is our way of contributing to the economy of this great country and city." said one official. The website is free for those looking for jobs.

The observations are consistent with the latest report released by the New York Governor’s office which shows the unemployment rate continues to fall. “New York state jobless rate falls to lowest level in more than 5 years” according to the report released by New York Department of Labor.

More information on job search website can be found below.