Skin Cancer Survivor Innovates MelanSol® All Natural Sunscreen

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Man invents antioxidant focused chemical free sunscreen to help prevent the return of his non-melanoma skin cancer.

Peter Zahner was frustrated with reoccurring bouts with non-melanoma skin cancer on his face, like actor Hugh Jackman just admitted to suffering from. His continued irritations, despite the use of brand name traditional sunscreen, led him to research and develop a non-toxic chemical free sunscreen called MelanSol®, now in its fifth generation.

What is innovative about Zahner’s formula is not the fact that it is made with the highest quality certified natural ingredients, but that it employs a specific combination of natural bioactive antioxidants that significantly boost the body’s ability to neutralize free radicals that accumulate on skin when its exposed to sunlight. Free radicals are responsible for sunburn, early skin aging, and non-melanoma skin cancer.

The sunscreen industry continues to use the game plan originally developed over 7 decades ago, based on formulas that rely on active ingredients alone to reflect or absorb UV light to prevent sunburn and skin cancer. Research has shown, however, that this game plan is inadequate at preventing photo-aging skin damage and that chemical active ingredients have unwanted side-effects. Skin irritation, the generation of free radicals, and chemical toxicity are side effects that are leading a growing number of consumers to look for a safer and healthier alternatives.

MelanSol® is positioned as the safest and healthiest alternative to traditional sunscreen because it combines healthy ingredients and protective super antioxidants, with safe UV reflection. Additional benefits include skin conditioning, hydration, and rejuvenation.

Offering complete broad-spectrum UVA and UVB ray protection, MelanSol® natural sunscreens are also eye irritation free, will not clog pores, are reef safe and environmentally supportive. The revolutionary line of all natural skin care also carries a green rating by the Environmental Working Group ( and every single ingredient has been certified 100% natural by the Natural Products Association, the only organization to certify natural product ingredients in the USA.

The MelanSol® product line is designed for all skin pigments, with natural sunscreens in 10, 20, and 30 Sun Protection Factor (SPF). They even make MelanSol® All Natural Baby Sunscreen SPF-30 that parents have rated highly for its gentleness and irritation free protection. The baby sunscreen formula is a 2014 NAPPA Silver Award winner that has been recommended by holistic dermatologists, and doctors, and naturopathic doctors, MD’s specializing in integrative medicine, and chiropractors as the best chemical free protection.

MelanSol® Natural Skin Care products are available in the form of sunscreen, antioxidant rich moisturizers, for babies and adults, and as sunburn relief, allowing consumers to adhere to both preventative care and after-sun care.

“No sunscreen can call itself complete without high concentrations of natural super-antioxidants. The MelanSol® experience is complete, amazingly protective, and benefits your skin in ways you must experience firsthand,” said Michael Russ of Oceana Naturals, LLC, and the US distributor. “MelanSol sunscreen, moisturizer, and sunburn relief gel are unlike anything available in the market today.”

Peter Zahner is also the co-author of “Sun Care Decoded,” a straightforward eBook that gives you a revealing look into all things sun care with a Q & A style that is easy to read and understand.

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