Test Prep Authority Launches New, Comprehensive Guide to the SAT Subject Tests

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TestPrepAuthority.com, the online resource site of renowned SAT and ACT tutor Anthony-James Green, has just launched a comprehensive guide on the SAT Subject Tests. Green's readers now have a full guide on when to take the tests, which Subject Tests to take, how to study for them, and why they matter to colleges.

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Anthony-James Green, Founder of the Green SAT System

These tests can't keep you out of college, but high scores can definitely get you in - understanding the difference, and learning how to study for them, is absolutely essential.

Parents and students applying to college have countless challenges to overcome during the application process. From recommendations and essays to standardized tests and college visits, the tasks required of applicants are seemingly endless. The SAT Subject Tests, a requirement of the nation's most competitive universities, are yet another obstacle that parents and students need to handle during this exhausting ordeal. Fortunately, renowned SAT tutor Anthony-James Green has just released a free, comprehensive new guide to help applicants make sense of the SAT Subject Tests, and to help them fit these exams into their overall application framework.

Parents and students interested in reading Green's new guide can do so via the following URL:


"The Complete Guide to the SAT Subject Tests (SAT II)" helps readers to figure out why colleges require these tests, what purpose they serve, which tests to take, when to take them, and how to study for them effectively. The guide is the newest addition to Green's resource site, Test Prep Authority, which aims to provide parents and students with comprehensive, battle-tested advice for their test prep and college application process.

"The SAT Subject Tests are an extremely overlooked part of the college application process," says Green of his new guide. "Many people don't even realize that their target schools require them. Even when they do, they leave these tests until the last minute, which is a huge mistake. Unlike the SAT 1 and ACT, which can keep you OUT of college, the SAT Subject Tests are a huge element in getting you INTO your dream schools. They allow you to demonstrate your expertise, further your narrative, and add "icing to the cake" of your college application. Fortunately, they're also very easy to prepare for if you know the right steps. This guide will help applicants to make sense of these tests and prepare for them properly."

Green is no stranger to the college application process. Over the past few years, Anthony has earned a reputation as the best SAT and ACT tutor in the country, with an average student score improvement higher than any other tutor, class, or program available. His resource site, Test Prep Authority, aims to provide cost-free information and resources for all aspects of the application process, from crafting college applications to SAT prep, and everything in between.

Green is also the creator of the popular new Green SAT System, an online SAT prep program with an average student score improvement of more than 380 points. Green has devoted thousands of hours to crafting and improving his program, which he hopes will provide a remedy to many of the overpriced and ineffective test prep solutions on the market. Parents and students interested in learning more about his online program can do so via the following URL:


But Green's newest passion has been crafting Test Prep Authority, which he hopes will dispel many of the myths and confusion surrounding the test prep and college application process. His new guide to the SAT Subject Tests was published after considerable demand for the information within, which he gauges through frequent communication with his visitors and clients.

"I make a point of listening to my readers on a daily basis," says Green regarding the inspiration for his new guide. "The Subject Tests are sometimes seen as a "peripheral" element of college applications, so I was blown away to see how many requests I received for the guide. I'm hoping that this will end up being a "one-stop-shop" for anyone who wants information regarding the process."

Green was recently featured by CNN as "The SAT Tutor for the 1%," and he currently charges one-on-one clients $850/hour for his services. Because his one-on-one hours as so limited, he created Test Prep Authority to help the hundreds of thousands of parents and students whom he cannot personally tutor. Parents interested in learning more about Green's personal tutoring services can do so at his personal booking website via the following URL:


Green lives in New York City, where he tutors full-time when not working on his online resource sites and test prep software.


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