"The Anarchists' Manifesto" - Anarchy is Inevitable, and Anarchy is Good

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"The Anarchists’ Manifesto," a new book by James Dante Wood, gives power back to the people and highlights Wood’s tax evader jackpot method

Anarchy with Peace

Anarchy with Peace

'I am totally blown away.' - Jason Fitzpatrick Coleman, Hasmark Publishing

“The Anarchists' Manifesto” - Anarchy is Good, and Anarchy is Inevitable

Little known to so many people, according to Wood, is that the total collapse of tax revenues in advanced industrialized societies is imminent. The Internet makes it easy to make it impossible for governments to collect tax revenues, as opposed to brick and border stores and those who engage in a cash economy. This is largely due to internationalism which was explained by the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin and telecommunications makes it possible for this information to go viral very quickly, causing governments to collapse very quickly. One can earn a lot of money through a “tax evader jackpot” by aiding and abetting tax evaders with donations and lottery tickets, causing the rate of decline of the government work force to be so rampant it will be hard to hire more tax auditors to use a declining number of courts to place liens on property and garnish wages. All taxes, even tariffs, penalties, and fees conform to a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution where a new or higher tax or exclusion of exemptions causes a temporary rise in revenues followed by an exponential drop and people go elsewhere for lower taxes or refuse to pay taxes and use as many shelters as possible.

James Dante Wood is a front-runner in the Minuteman movement now promoting an e-book and 22 websites that deal with politics, religion, science, social science, entertainment, and business selling advertising space and collecting donations to be given to anti-establishment people to promote the cause of anarchy and the privatization of all government services, eliminating the public sector.

The U.S. Treasury Department already admits lower tax revenues are anticipated for the next several years, and most of the people going back to work are settling for lower paying jobs and fall in the lower 47% who get money back from the government. The Federal Reserve has been ordered not to borrow money against what is now a $17.2 trillion deficit as it only leads to more inflation, making it hard for the IRS to do more tax audits. According to the Labor Department, an increasing number of people are giving up their search for work. Because of the progressive tax system, the people with most of the money will go overseas for lower taxes and lower wages. At this time, there are more guns in the United States than people, with many disgruntled current and former military relaying traffic across the Internet about a possible coup d'etat or civil war, especially after the incident at Bundy ranch.

“The Anarchists' Manifesto” by James Dante Wood, available at Amazon.com and http://www.AnarchistsWhoObeyTheLaw.com, offers a proposition on a world with no government where what laws remain are enforced by private arbitration. It has many chapters that point to websites encouraging tax revolts, showing the reader how to minimize your tax liability and being paid and given free advertising when audited by the IRS, Franchise Tax Boards, and any other tax collector, like http://www.TaxWars.us. There are websites that demonstrate how to privatize your profession if among the many employed by the government who want to do what to do in the private sector for more money. Learn how to build websites and sell advertising space on them cheaper than Google or Facebook to help instigate the Third Industrial Revolution. James Dante Wood is organizing a political party called the Anarchists who obey the Law Party (ALP) with hope of registering it in all 50 states before the 2016 election and will run for U.S. President.

The 81 page book is only $3.95 at Amazon.com but there is no copyright and a free Word document is available at the http://www.AnarchistsWhoObeyTheLaw.com website for anyone to publish in print. Feel free to edit and advertise on it. One can publish the book for print – the higher the royalties, the higher you will rank in my search engine and store library. Other books on how to downsize government and promote world peace will be promoted as well.

James Dante Wood is the owner of Erudite Dynamics, a digital information company, and a career engineer who designed the entertainment system for Air Force 1 and recent version of Turbo Tax, the number 2 software package in the world. He is a Minuteman who founded No Invaders and the Border Fence Project and successfully raised $2.5 million to build fencing and place solar powered cameras on the U.S.-Mexican border.

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