New Phytoceramides from Sublime Beauty®: Improve Skin Health from the Inside Out Naturally

Phytoceramides replenish ceramides in the skin that are lost with age, stress or disease. The Sublime Beauty® founder just published a book about this anti-aging phenomenon, available on Amazon.

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) May 29, 2014

Aging skin loses collagen and ceramides, causing it to wrinkle, sag and thin. But there are ways to reverse this, including use of Phytoceramides.

The FDA recently approved Phytoceramides as a dietary supplement, and Sublime Beauty® now offers them in its anti-aging line.

"Ceramides make up 40% of our skin when younger, and they are responsible for keeping skin moist, plump and also protecting it. But as we age, they diminish," says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty®.

Ceramides can now be replenished internally with Phytoceramides. They are plant-derived ceramides (identical to human ceramides), delivered to the deepest levels of skin. The ceramides then "percolate up" with skin as it renews itself.

More information about Phytoceramides is available in a new book by Heshelow, available on Amazon, entitled "Phytoceramides: Anti-Aging at its Best".

Sublime Beauty® Phytoceramides are rice-derived, which outperform other types of Phytoceramides in clinical tests.

Take one vitamin-fortified capsule daily, and see results within a month as skin renews itself. Skin will be moister, fuller and be able to withstand environmental assaults better. In short, it becomes healthier.

Sublime Beauty® designed a 6 step system to enhance this process and get the most out of Phytoceramide use, including Skin Brushing.

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