Snappycast Revolutionizes The Art Of Fishing

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After years of prototypes, testing and refinement, the innovative Snappycast fishing rod is ready to make its debut in simplifying the most challenging aspect of fishing – casting your line. This revolutionary fishing rod makes it possible for anyone – even absolute beginners – to cast like an expert angler every time.

Avid fisherman and inventor Marcos Gonzalez identified the unpleasant aspect of fishing -- getting tangled up in the troublesome task of casting the line – and worked to solve the issue. Even experienced anglers can encounter problems when casting with a standard rod and reel, he says.

Using a standard rod and spin-cast reel, Gonzalez says, “you have to depress and release the button at precisely the right moment during a cast. It takes timing and practice and it’s not something that’s easily learned.” He asked himself, “How can I make casting as simple as possible, and as easy as possible, and not just for beginners, but for everybody?”

The solution was so simple; it was ingenious. When throwing back the Snappycast rod in preparation for a cast, the handle hinges back and depresses the reel button. As the line is thrust forward, the reel button is released at just the right moment, allowing the line to be consistently cast perfectly.

“It’s hard enough to get fish to bite,” he adds. “So why complicate things by making it hard to throw a line in the water? Snappycast takes the difficulty out of casting.”

Matched with an attractive, streamlined and lightweight design, the ease and ingenuity of Snappycast opens up more possibilities for enjoying this popular sport at a moment’s notice. Fishing to unwind, catch dinner or simply share good times with friends and family becomes far more appealing with the most common obstacle – clumsy casting - removed.

Snappycast was introduced to would-be anglers along Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin. Here’s what they had to say, along with overall surprise of their successful casts:

  •     “I can’t believe nobody has invented this before. This is one of those things when you say, ‘Why wasn’t this my idea?’”
  •     “Wow! I remember when I was learning how to fish. It was a pain. Now this is just easy! I take it back and swing. Absolutely no frustration to this at all!”
  •     “I can fish! I’m a fisherman!”
  •     “This is definitely one of the best inventions for fishing.”

Snappycast is designed to be both highly functional and aesthetically appealing, using only high quality nylon resin and other enterprise grade materials in the production process. It is lightweight and portable, weighing only 8 ounces (including spin-cast reel) and measures 70 inches (35 inches when collapsed).

“After careful research and countless meetings and consultations, we’re now ready to enter into the production phase with a local manufacturer who can accommodate efficient mass production of Snappycast while maintaining my strict standards of quality,” Gonzalez says. “Both aspects are critical to me.”


This production phase, scheduled to begin June 14, will be bolstered by a Kickstarter campaign, which aligns supporters and targeted consumers with the opportunity to be among the first to own Snappycast rods. Support levels begin at $5. Backers pledging $100 or more receive the Snappycast Tiki (5-foot pole) and a Snappycast Nota (6-foot pole), each with a spin-cast reel, as well as two Snappycast T-shirts and fishing lures to get started. Similar incentives are offered at other pledge levels.

The Kickstarter campaign ends June 6, and passionate interest in the product has Gonzalez confident that enough people will help push production into gear.

“I want you to own the world’s easiest, finest quality fishing rod and to receive it in a timely manner. Snappycast wants to get you casting better and catching more fish than ever before (and as soon as possible),” Gonzalez says.

Fresh off the production lines, the first Snappycast rods will be shipped in October 2014.

Snappycast will be available in a 5-foot or 6-foot rod, the Snappycast rods will retail for $35.

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