Launches Website to Help Home Owners Save Money on Electricity Costs

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Looking for an eco-friendly energy source? launches new website to help home owners install eco-friendly wind turbines.

Wind turbines have long been used by industries to contribute to energy generation and to lower energy costs. Cheap and powerful, wind turbines are becoming easier to install and maintain, making them a cost effect energy source for most industries. Due to the recent improvements in wind turbine technology, the benefits that can be derived from wind turbines can also now be had by homeowners, especially those who plan on taking their homes completely off the grid for a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. launches a new website to help homeowners save money by offering for sale home wind turbine kits.

Why Wind Turbines?

Wind is everywhere and it does not cost anything, making it an ideal power source if consumers are only willing to spend for the upfront costs of installing a home wind turbine. A regular home system can easily generate enough power to support the appliances and lighting fixtures in a home, which can translate to considerable savings in power bills over time.

Home wind turbines harness wind power in order to generate electricity that consumers can use in lieu of grid power for the home. As the blades turn, they catch wind and the wind drives the blades around, which moves the turbine and generates power. In areas with strong wind speeds, more electricity is produced. Wind turbines come in two configurations, a building mount and a pole mount. Building-mounted turbines produce less power than pole mounted turbines, but they are cheaper to install since they can installed directly on the roof of any home.

Benefits of Installing Home Wind Turbines

There are so many benefits of installing wind turbines for the home, from reduced power bills to cleaner energy use. A few of the benefits that consumers can start enjoying include the following:

Lower power bills: Installed wind turbines can take care of power consumption for a majority of the appliances and lighting fixtures in the house. With a major portion of energy consumption addressed by another source, homeowners can expect lower power expenditures from the grid.

Added income stream: Consumers have the option of channelling excess wind turbine power back to the grid for reasonable compensation. The credit that they can get from the local power company may be enough to cover monthly power charges and for those who are living totally off the grid, can actually serve as a good passive and steady income stream. This is also a good way to recoup the total installation costs for the system.

Stored energy sources for windless days: Wind turbine energy can be stored in batteries to be used for windless days. This eliminates the need for generators and other forms of backup sources of power.

Tax benefits: Some states are taking the initiative to put up attractive compensation for homeowners willing to put up wind turbine systems. These could take the form of tax credits or zero sales tax when purchasing the wind turbine equipment. Feed-in tariffs employed by some states pay homeowners compensation for the energy the systems produce, even if they consume the energy themselves. Consumers also get paid additional compensation for excess energy that goes to the grid. Consumers can check with their local state regulations for specific incentives offered to those who choose to install a wind turbine system in the home.

Reduced carbon footprint: Wind turbine energy is clean energy since there is no combustion and no consumption of carbon fuels. The generation of wind energy does not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. With a clean source of energy, environmentally conscious homeowners can effectively lower their carbon footprints even more.

Longevity: With the right maintenance, a home wind turbine system can last for up to 20 years. Maintenance checks are done once every few years and parts may need replacements for the same duration as well. Homeowners who are worried about the cost of maintenance often get back the costs from the total energy savings and extra income they get from the wind turbine system.

The installation of wind turbines for homes is a major step towards a conscious and effective way of lowering household carbon footprints and living a sustainable lifestyle. Although the initial costs for the equipment and installation can be great, this system of generating a clean and renewable energy source will pay for itself many times over down the road. was launched just a few days ago into an increasingly popular market as home owners strive to save money on their increasing electricity bills.

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