Soft Landing Labs, LTD. is expanding its testing capabilities beyond drug testing.

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Soft Landing Labs, expanding its testing capabilities beyond drug testing to include, metabolomics, proteomic and possibly genomics.

Soft Landing Labs, LTD (OTCMKTS: SLNZ)

Soft Landing Labs, LTD (OTCMKTS: SLNZ)

SLNZ is expanding its testing capabilities beyond drug testing to include, metabolomics, proteomic and possibly genomics. Proteomics is the study of the full array of proteins present in human cells and is the natural extension of genomics. This evolving field has a tremendous potential to change the practice of medicine.

The goal of this department is to develop innovative testing strategies for various disease processes with focus on pain syndromes and psychiatric disease that can be commercialized by the lab. The department is staffed with chemistry scientists and molecular biologists who use a variety of technologies including liquid chromatography, mass spectroscopy, Time of flight, immunoassay and Polymerase chain reaction.

The first of these tests is to be offered soon by the lab, called CYP450 testing. This test may help speed up the process by which physicians and psychiatrist can identify the right medication for an individual patient. Traditional psychiatrists try various medications before finding the appropriate anti-depressant for a particular patient; CYP450 testing may be able to make this process easier and faster. SLNZ hopes that the tests would be available to customers before the end of 2014 and plans to offer it at a very competitive rates compared to current pricing.

SLNZ is also working in collaboration with its partners to develop biomarkers for diseases that have traditionally been diagnosed by a questionnaire. Relying on such techniques to diagnose critical illnesses has drawbacks and result in significant variability depending on the tool used and the user’s expertise. Having a standardized test may confirm the findings on a given questionnaire and may give both the provider and the patient confidence in the diagnosis.

One of the diseases which have significant impact on our community and particularly our youth is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, ADHD, which is a psychiatric disorder of the neurodevelopmental type in which there are significant problems with attention, hyperactivity or acting impulsively that significantly impair daily activities which can result in negative long-term consequence, academic failure, familial relation problems, low self-esteem and may predispose to drug abuse. It is the most frequently diagnosed disorder among young youth with prevalence of up to 4-9% of the population.

Unfortunately there has been no laboratory test to confirm or deny the presence of the disease in patients diagnosed with ADHD. Identification of biological markers associated with ADHD will only simplify the diagnosis of ADHD but may also help determine the cause of the disease which may lead to identification of new treatment options.

SLNZ has initiated a research study to identify biomarkers unique to patients with ADHD using an integrated approach combining proteomics and metabolomics processes.


SLNZ asks “How organic is your diet? How earth friendly are you? How healthy is your lifestyle?”

Regardless of how much we try to live a “toxins free life”, our bodies are constantly bombarded with harmful material in food, water, air and products that we use. A great number of people try to avoid all these harmful substances by eating organic products and avoiding pollution. SLNZ is developing a scoring system that offers a measurable and quantifiable means of gauging how healthy is a person’s lifestyle, Scoreganic.

SLNZ believes that this scoring system will recognize those among us who live a healthier life style while motivate others to lead a more earth friendly approach.

SLNZ is utilizing advanced testing technology that is able to detect toxins in any given body fluid in levels as low as 5 picogram per milliliter. Together with sophisticated software system and state of the art website, SLNZ intends to offer this project to the general public.

About Soft Landing Labs, LTD
SLNZ was founded in 2009, to provide specialized laboratory testing focused on small molecules and toxicology including drug testing using highly sensitive technology.

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