Toronto Firm Offers Advice About Pedestrian Safety for Summer 2014

Raphael Barristers, Toronto personal injury firm offers these safety tips for pedestrians

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) May 26, 2014

Ontario has had distracted driving legislation in place since October 2009. The problem of distracted driving has continued to frustrate and perplex Ontario Provincial Police and regional police as well as the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

In March 2014, the Ontario government increased fines for distracted driving in Ontario.

Pedestrian safety remains an issue. We hear about many accidents involving pedestrians where pedestrians are injured as a result of motor vehicles accidents.

We know that technology is a distracted for motorists, but it is becoming more than evident that technology is a very serious distraction for pedestrians. Technology is becoming more and more advanced and iPhones, Androids and Blackberries, especially with their ability to e-mail, Skype, and check social media accounts, are very addictive.

Raphael Barristers, Toronto personal injury firm offers these safety tips for pedestrians:

  •     See your destination- try not to block your peripheral vision by wearing a hood or object of clothing that will interfere with vision;
  •     Make yourself visible- wear bright reflective clothing, make eye contact with the driver, get the driver to see you;
  •     Pay attention to the traffic lights at the intersection; only cross when the light is green, not yellow or red when cars may be turning;
  •     When crossing at an intersection, scan all directions for traffic before crossing;
  •     Determine the length of time it takes you to cross an intersection so you know if you have enough time to safely make it across
  •     Watch out for hidden driveways or areas where cars may suddenly appear;
  •     Turn down loud music so you can hear crosswalk signals and car horns honking;
  •     Keep your phone or iPod in your purse or pocket and pay attention when and where you walk.

Pedestrians of all ages are vulnerable. We are all pedestrians at some point.

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