The Secret to Improve Skin is Found in the Face Whisperer® Skincare Set from Sublime Beauty®

Peptides and ingredients to relax and diminish wrinkles, boost collagen and nourish skin are found in the Face Whisperer® products, now on sale. Sublime Beauty® explains.

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) June 10, 2014

Aging skin needs special ingredients, and the Face Whisperer® line from Sublime Beauty® focuses on these needs.

A Face Whisperer® Kit is now available which includes the day cream, night cream and advanced eye gel serum.

Reduce and relax wrinkles with Face Whisperer® Day Cream featuring Argireline®, known as the natural Botox®. Argireline® relaxes wrinkles and mimic the actions of Botox®, yet in a more natural, less expensive and milder way. See wrinkles reduced by 40% in a month.

The Day cream also includes Trylagen, a compound to help boost collagen production. Collagen slows as we age and is behind wrinkles and sagging skin.

Continue to boost collagen as you sleep with Face Whisperer® Night cream featuring Matrixyl. Matrixyl is a superior peptide that can double collagen production. The night cream is soothing and perfect for night use.

Concentrate on the eyes with Face Whisperer® Advanced Eye Gel. Its three patented ingredients work to reduce lines and wrinkles, reduce inflammation or bags, and reduce dark circles.

The three products are available in the Face Whisperer® Skin Care Set at a reduced price at the company webstore and on Amazon.

ABOUT: Sublime Beauty® is a quality skincare company that focuses on products to “Age Younger”. Products help to boost collagen, hydrate, relax wrinkles and improve skin. A niche includes healthy Skin Brushes. The company webstore offers free standard shipping and a VIP Club. Products also available on Amazon.