Corra Group Expands to Meet Increased Employment Screening Demands for International Education Verification

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As more international employees are working in the United States, Corra Group is expanding its capability to conduct education verification and employment verification on a global level. This is essential for American employers who are mandated to verify college diplomas as part of their compliance for government contracts.

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“International education verification can sometimes be an exacting process,” said Nick Gustavson, Corra Group Co-Founder. “Most international education verification we can turnaround in a matter of days."

Corra Group has recognized the increased demand for international education background checks and is working to better facilitate these background checks for a growing list of clients. As more international students and foreign workers immigrate to the United States in order to fill the vacancies in mid-to-senior level jobs, Corra Group has created a database containing the required data inputs for colleges and universities around the globe.

“The demand from our clients for international education verifications has doubled in the past year or so,” said Nick Gustavson, Corra Group Co-Founder. “Both our current and new clients seeking education verifications in order to comply with employment screening mandates for government contracts. Failure to meet contractual compliance standards can mean losing eligibility for a contract. In this competitive market and with so much on the line, that’s the last thing you want to do.”

Gustavson noted recruiters and employers in the information technology, healthcare, and financial sectors, especially, have been hiring increasingly candidates from foreign countries. He pointed out that job applicants with green cards or H1-B Visas have often graduated from foreign colleges and universities.

“Once upon a time employers and recruiters took their candidates’ claim that they held their degrees at face value,” said Gustavson. “But those times are long gone. Between the diploma mills and the counterfeit diplomas, it is essential that human resources and staffing agents conduct education verification on any foreign employment candidate they are placing. This is especially true if the employer is obtaining a government contract or putting his candidates on projects where the reputation of the employer is at stake.

International education verification can sometimes be an exacting process,” said Gustavson. “Most education verification we can turnaround in a matter of days. I understand every employer is in a hurry to get his hire working. But for the time spent and the nominal feel for education verification, it is prudent to take the time and be thorough about verifying all major college degrees. In many cases it is mandated by the government contract, so all the more reason to be sure your employment candidates actually have the degrees they are claiming.”

Gustavson indicated that in addition to college diploma mills, the online facilities where unaccredited universities issue degrees to anyone who has the money to apply, there are also employment mills. “With employment mills, there is usually an online website with an obscure listing for contact information. This is the front for nonexistent businesses, often bogus IT entities. The candidate pays a fee and claims a position held with one of the companies represented by the employment mill. If an HR manager should contact that business they will receive employment verification."

“But the truth is there is no such legitimate company and the candidate didn’t work there. It’s just another scam. With Corra Group, be it education verification or employment verification, we either access information through legitimate third party databases or get the name and title of the verifying party. We also check to see if it’s a legitimate university or place of employment. If not, we notify our clients accordingly.”

Gustavson sees the influx of foreign employees as a positive step, a means of gaining the best and the brightest from different parts of the world. “Foreign employees fill the high value jobs that would otherwise go unfilled,” he said. “Just make sure your employee is who he says he is. It just pays to check them out before you hire.”

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