Upcoming "Leading Edge" Segment, With Host Jimmy Johnson, Will Feature Education in Music

Imparting the Arts to the Next Generation

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(PRWEB) May 28, 2014

Throughout the United States, public school systems are struggling to make ends meet. With the growing cost of resources required by schools, these school systems often are faced with difficult questions regarding class offerings and what can and should be trimmed in order to meet the financial budget of the school system. Often times, this leaves classes such as music and the arts on the cutting room floor, depriving children of important learning tools and ways to discover themselves.

Creativity is an important element of any childhood. Music allows children of all ages to explore the ability to make music, all while stimulating the mind and improving brain functionality. While other school classes fill a child's mind with useful information, music and the arts makes it easier for the brain to absorb this information, due to the way music trains the brain to see information in real time and send this information down to the rest of the body in order to react to this information. "Leading Edge with Jimmy Johnson" looks to dive into the importance of education in music and why it needs to remain in the curriculum of schools throughout the country. A child might not become a rock star through music education, but it does improve all other elements of their educational experience.

The "Leading Edge" series is created for Public Television stations distribution throughout the Americas, and has no relation to PBS. Go to http://www.leadingedgeseries.com to learn more.