Enigami Medical Cannabis' Breakthrough Service Has Legitimatized the Medical Use of Cannabis

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Medical Cannabis treatment is severely limited by the lack of understanding of the relationships between the "qualifying conditions" and the Medical Cannabis products. Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC has developed a product to help Consumers learn appropriate Medical Cannabis treatment interventions and separate fact from urban myth. Other obstacles to legitimacy face Medical Cannabis also.

There are several huge roadblocks the controversial field of Medical Cannabis must face to gain acceptance in the medical community. Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC has provided the best solution for the largest question, "What is the medication's appropriate use "

One significant hurdle medical cannabis must face is implementing standardized testing to determine what is in the product and regulating the ingredients like other medications. The national trend in State legislatures is increasingly to mandate testing of the products – often calling into question such matters as dosing, packaging, keeping the products from appealing to children, and safety packaging. This hurdle is on track to being resolved.

A second barrier for the emerging industry is the increasing regulatory attention about product disclosure, or “labeling”. In effect the public has a new drug therapy on the market which has not undergone legitimate drug trials before public use. Nor have there been many industry initiatives for consumer empowerment by informing the public of product contents. However some market innovators, like California’s mega-dispensary Harborside Health Center, encourage testing and product labeling with on-site testing and labeling. This issue is nearing resolution also.

Dispensaries often purchase cannabis from “growers”. “Growers” are the persons or entities growing the product for sale to dispensaries and they are usually unwilling or unable to perform testing due to cost factors. Largely this is due to the “grower” being a small outfit trying to protect a profit margin. This points to opportunities for larger organizations to enter the “grow” aspect of the industry much the same as the big box retailers have in other markets. Testing as an overhead cost has not been accepted in many parts of the “grow” industry but larger entities will embrace the cost as a legitimizing factor. The industry joke goes, "What's the difference in a Pharmacy and a Dispensary ?" Answer: "The Pharmacy knows what it's medications are good for !"

The most important hurdle Medical Cannabis faces is the lack of knowledge of what the medical cannabis products are appropriate for - which has produced a wealth of urban myth, anecdotal stories, and misleading promises. The incredible medical claims currently made are based on popular wisdom, anecdotal storie, or small studies. Eventually these medical claims will fall under regulatory authority also.

Legitimate research of the beneficial effects of Medical Cannabis has historically been discouraged by the “War on Drugs” mentality and the authorities have contributed to the lack of understanding of any relief the substance may provide by disseminating false information. Oddly though the Federal government itself has a patent for medical cannabis. Patent No. 6,630,507 was issued by the US Patent Office to the US Department of Health and Human Services. The patent abstract describes the patent as for "cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuro-protectants". Most people would simply refer to this as medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis treatment is most severely limited by the lack of understanding of the relationships between the "qualifying conditions" and the Medical Cannabis products.

Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC , an online service provider has begun marketing a breakthrough product which is helping Consumers learn appropriate Medical Cannabis treatment interventions.The service involves an online personal health record for individuals to log medications and symptoms. By comparing medications and symptoms monitored over a year’s subscription the patient determines the best treatment for their care. Enigami's service helps monitor medical cannabis, “mainstream medications”, and “over the counter medications”. The service also provides an avenue for caregivers being informed of treatment outcomes as well as documenting the treatment in the online record. Legitimate or “bona fide” doctor/patient relationships have also been issues surrounding the controversial new field of care. The service documents an extraordinary example of meticulous care - either self-directed or in collaboration with a caregiver. Enigami also provides an innovative graph which clearly illustrates which medication is effective.

In the future Enigami plans to aggregate the de-identified data and provide the public with accurate information about which specific cannabis products (or “cannabinoid combinations”) are appropriate for clinical use. This large scale "outcomes" approach is the first for the new, but, controversial medical field.

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