New Weapon on the CFA Fire Fighting Frontline

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A new force on the CFA fire fighting frontline! The Oshkosh MK48 Extreme Response Vehicle, Capable of transporting water to the roughest parts of Australia.

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"I meet our frontline people. They give so freely of their time, talent and energy. They offer selfless service that makes me feel humble and inadequate."

In the heat of summer, on the outskirts of our cities, and our rural and farming communities, it is a very real and inevitable threat, destroying homes, businesses, pets, livestock, wildlife and even taking human lives.

Used to rolling up our sleeves and helping out, as Australians, many of us wish we could help, but feel powerless.

But there is a way to help supply one of the most precious and much needed resources at any fire-front – water.

When the man and woman power is available, but a tanker runs dry, it can be possible to have to watch hopelessly as homes and lives are unnecessarily destroyed.

"I like many of Australia's bushfire fighters", are volunteers and we heavily rely on donations. People always ask us the question WHY? Why do we put ourselves in such danger? Why do all of this for no money? Why we put our bodies through all of this with no rest, dangers of smoke, 80ft flames and falling trees? Well our answer is always the same. Because we care, it's a passion we thrive on, to help community's and the people in them."

This campaign aims to raise funds to purchase a decommissioned Oshkosh Mk48, 8 wheel drive truck from the USA, to modify as into an extreme wildfire water supply truck.

The vehicle is designed to reach the roughest terrains. The Oshkosh holds over 10000 litres (over 2600 gallons) rather than 3000 litres (790 gallons). It can be used to fight fires or used to refill tanker.

Availability to water is one of our highest priorities, and if we don’t have water we can’t put out the fire.

This is a statement from a CFA firefighter:

"It's a strange feeling: the feeling of wanting to cry but physically unable too. After 12 hours in large fires I have seen so much lost, and so much more loss. Seeing someone's house burn to the ground and not able to stop it. It is heartbreaking to hear firefighter after firefighter after firefighter on the radios calling for help to save a property, knowing there is no more help to send. It is heartbreaking to deal with the residents who want to know if their street, their house has been impacted or not. It's terrifying to drive through flames, embers, smoke and ash, the heat going through the windows. It's terrifying not knowing how long it will last and what on the other end. The devastation is unimaginable. It's been a very long day and I'm tired. Say a prayer; if you don't, just think about the ones that have lost so much, and those who have given up so much to help. To my firefighter sisters and brothers, we are not superheros, we are simply humans with hoses and a desire to help. Be safe as you can be, and do the best as you can do. Your tired blackened faces serve you as well. It's 1 am now I'm going to bed to cuddle up to my sleeping wife... And now I can cry."

As volunteer firefighters, we can fight the fires, but we need your support.

So go to the Indiegogo fundraising website type in extreme response vehicle in the search bar and please donate generously. Or go to the link

Thank you! Together we can protect our community.

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