‘Fat-Me-Not’ or ‘Fat-Me-Yes’; Hormone Signals That Help Weight Loss

Some obesity traits are genetically predetermined, but one can decide what outcome they want for their body by following tips by Dr. Myo Nwe of Ace Medical Weight Loss Center.

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) May 29, 2014

“Obesity is a very complex disease. Until now there was no magic pill to fix it. But one can reverse the weight gain by following simple ‘Fat-Me-Not’ tips," says Dr. Myo Nwe, author of the upcoming book on weight loss ‘Fat-Me-Not’ and an Obesity Medicine expert.

Weight control starts at the gut system and depends upon the food we ingest. The self-explanatory signals, either ‘Fat-Me-Yes’ or ‘Fat-Me-Not’, are then carried to the brain. The brain then sends the command back to various parts of the body. Via these commands it changes the body metabolism and weight.

The researchers now know for sure that there are many gastrointestinal hormones that send these signals to the brain to produce these commands. The most successful and effective weight loss surgery concept is based on changes in these gut hormones and not just reduction of stomach size.

It is possible to send just the ‘Fat-Me-Not’ signals, suppress the ‘Fat-Me-Yes’ signals and shape the body by tweaking these hormones signals.

Here are the ayes to ‘Fat-Me-Not and nays to ‘Fat-Me-Yes’:

1.    Limit food portions to release favorable 'Fat-Me-Not' signals

2.    Limit high sugar drinks or desserts

3.    Eat real food to promote metabolism

4.    Avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics. It kills good bacteria in the stomach too.

5.    Choose Organic and wholesome foods and avoid highly processed and genetically modified (GM) foods

Dr Nwe is the author of “Fat-Me-Not” and founder of Ace Medical Weight Loss Center where she trains patients to lose weight effectively and keep it off for long term. She is also the creator of SlimPlate System the No-More-Salad-Diet system (#NoMoreSaladDiet). She has also appeared in multiple radio and television shows including PBS SoCal.

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