Sean De Simone Casting is Looking for Outrageous Love Stories for new major cable network show.

You now have a chance to star in your own real life Romantic Comedy.

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(PRWEB) June 03, 2014

Sean De Simone Casting is Looking for Outrageous Love Stories for new major cable network show.

How far will people really go for love? Sean Desimone, a seasoned veteran in the world of reality television casting, is looking for extreme love stories for a brand new unscripted television project. Sean Desimone and his team have cast an abundance of different reality shows in the past and are revving up for this new “rom com” style show. Feel free to peruse his website ( for more information on Sean, the company, and what they’re all about.

The show takes people’s real-life outrageous, over the top love stories and shares them with romance fanatics everywhere through personal accounts and the recreation of events. The show will feature new crazy tales of love each week.

Specifically, Sean and his team are looking for individuals that have done something crazy or outlandish for love. Whether he or she did something to get love, to keep a significant other happy, or even just to gain the attention of someone – it has to be exciting. Did they lie? Fake an identity? Go to jail? These love stories are romantic in an entirely new, out of the box way.

Telling your story on camera involves a compensation of five hundred dollars. All filming will take place in New York City but the travel expenses of all participating actors and storytellers will be covered. Parties interested in sharing a story with Sean’s casting team for possible use and placement on the show, can send their basic personal information, a recent photograph, and as much information as possible regarding their worthy story.

Submissions can be sent directly to castingcrazylove(at)gmail(dot)com. Sean Desimone Casting is also reachable via Twitter at @desimonecasting and through the company’s Facebook group at All submissions will be read but not all can be considered.

If the team is interested in pursuing a particular story or needs more information regarding said story, a team member will send out a response immediately. Skype calls and phone calls may be set up later on if the story is chosen.


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