Acquisition of Proprietary Methods, Devices and Intellectual Property Promotes Innovative Platforms in Regenerative Therapies & Wound Care

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PGFX Patent Holdings Acquisition of Orogen Biosciences Proprietary Methods, Devices and Intellectual Property Promotes Innovative Platforms in Regenerative Therapies & Wound Care

On Friday, April 18th PGFX Patent Holdings, operating as Heritage Biosciences, LLC made an asset acquisition of proprietary methods, devices and intellectual property from Orogen Biosciences, Inc. Orogen, based out of Sarasota, Florida, was an early innovator in processing platelet rich plasma (PRP) and concentrating growth factors, cytokines, proteins and adhesion molecules to optimize the most effective and efficient methods for providing therapeutic treatments patient point of care. With this acquisition, Heritage is positioning themselves as a leader of point of care, autologous and allogeneic regenerative therapies both in human and animal application.

Heritage will be focusing on multiple platforms of regenerative medicine (scaffolds, signals, cells and peptides) known to enhance the environment for tissue repair, regeneration, and revascularization. The newly patented methods and devices from Orogen provide physicians with access to a patient’s own growth factors in natural state and adhesion molecules to support the healing cascade. There is a vast progression of evidence in the literature of the role growth factors, scaffolds and adhesion molecules play in optimizing the healing in multiple pathologies across medical applications. The (OPC™) device allows physicians to process autologous blood plasma at the point of care to deliver concentrated platelet poor plasma (cPPP) used as an autologous ECM (Extracellular Matrix/Scaffold) scaffold to be used in conjunction with the physician’s choice of Cellular and or Growth Factor Concentrate.

The Negative or Sub-Atmospheric pressure extraction process allows for the most efficacious growth factor composition available in the regenerative field of medicine. The patented process’s and devices (ACE™), produce an enriched preparation of natural state growth factors in an acellular form (CRP™). This unique growth factor plasma composition discards excess water, cells, cellular debris and unwanted inflammatory components, making this technology the cleanest and most enriched form of growth factor technology at the point of care. The recent allowance of patent claims from the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), patent No. 8,734,854; “Process For Removing Growth Factors From Platelets” will allow rapid penetration to existing emerging markets with substantial protective barriers to entry. This includes Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) which is approximately a $4.2 Billion Market.    

Additionally, Heritage has acquired proprietary methods and underlying intellectual property for delivering an allogeneic, acellular growth factor enriched product to the veterinary market. This product is lyophilized, sustaining growth factors, proteins and other specific peptides in a state of suspended animation with extended shelf life of plus one year. Based on current, short and long term success of these products treating musculoskeletal tissue repair in both Equine and Canine application, Heritage will be well positioned to penetrate the veterinary market which is leading human efforts into the emerging market of regenerative medicine.

Heritage has begun the process of transitioning Orogen revenues, acquiring the Florida office and providing multilateral licensing to strategic partners domestically and abroad. Intellectual Property (IP) has become an important source of competitive advantage at micro levels in biotechnology companies. The importance of IP management will allow for exponential growth of product and economic framework. Heritage looks forward to licensing cooperative relationships with strategic partners. “We believe this is a unique opportunity for PGFX Patent Holdings to diversify into the regenerative medicine space. This acquisition is a forthcoming step in adding sophistication to regenerative medicine”, says founders of PGFX Patent Holdings. “Orogen has had a number of companies approach us about acquiring the intellectual property but we were waiting on the right fit both culturally and with veracity based on innovation and resource-ability. We are extremely excited about this development and are confident that Heritage has the vision to create significant value in the regenerative medicine space,” says Ryan Brandt, President of Orogen.

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