San Francisco Attic Cleaning Company Now Specializing in Air Quality Improvement Inside Rodent Infested Homes

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Atticare, an Attic Cleanup Services company, announces new and improved Rodent Proofing service in Bay Area, San Francisco.


Even though they‘re one of the smallest pests in the rodent category, the tiny mice manage to create more catastrophic interior damage, as well as responsible for releasing toxic fumes in the air causing illness and, in a some extreme cases, even death. If not captured and disposed of right away, mice will reproduce faster than a typical sneeze, delivering up to 50 babies in one year. That amount of creature power will inevitably contaminate food, put holes in drywall, and destroy insulation; causing thousands of dollars in damages, potentially making a home unsellable.

Fortunately, the Atticare Attic Cleaning San Francisco company includes a team of licensed rodent control professionals trained to appropriately clean up mouse droppings, initiate rodent exclusion, and proof attics to ensure no more unexpected visitors are able to get in, let alone take up residence.

Atticare have announced today their new and improved Rodent Proofing service in Bay Area, San Francisco. Upon everything being properly cleaned and disposed of, the rodent removal experts work hard at identifying entryways and sealing them. When insulation is soiled, the overall temperature of a house is impacted. Until the mice are forced out, homeowners are forced to pay more in order to maintain a comfortable temperature.

In addition to food contamination and structural building damage, mice carry bacteria, viruses, and other diseases capable of infecting homeowners and their families. With the amount of feces and urine mice leave behind, an entire house could essentially be considered an environmental health hazard.

Cleaning up mouse dropping should be handled with caution, as disturbing them with a broom or vacuum could actually spread harmful airborne particles.

When the attic is consumed with rodents and their feces, it means less clean air is moving through the house. The reduction of fresh air impacts digestion, blood pressure, lungs, brain power, and immune systems.

In addition to cleaning up unsanitary conditions and covering entryways, Atticare’s elite team of crawl space cleaning experts sanitize, deodorize, and disinfect every inch of an attic to ensure nothing but clean air is circulating throughout it.

The entire process removes the threat of unsanitary airborne viruses while at the same time improving the air quality within the attic and throughout the house.

About Atticare: Atticare is based Alameda, California, servicing the entire San Francisco Bay Area for over 15 years. Atticare specializes in attic cleaning services, crawl space cleanup, attic insulation, attic insulation removal, and air duct repair and replacement.

For more information about the services Atticare offers, contact them directly by calling (888)743.7243 or visit

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