Provocative New E-Book Series Establishes the Common Ground of All Religions

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Comparative religions scholar Isabella Price releases four provocative e-books illuminating the "one truth" behind the many paths of the world's religious and spiritual traditions.

All religions, all the singing, are one song. The differences are just illusion and vanity...

From the Middle and Far East to the United States, it seems that religious conflicts are simmering nearly everywhere, creating divisive social conflicts if not outright war. But this need not be so, according to a provocative new series of e-books under the "One Truth, Many Paths" banner by historian and comparative religions scholar Isabella Price. Published in cooperation with the Assisted Publishing Program of Fearless Books, the OTMP Series can be seen at

Seven years in the making, the OTMP Series has just launched with the first of four digital titles: JESUS CHRIST: The Love and Wisdom of a 1st Century Mystic, available in the Kindle Select program at

Isabella Price, an expert on comparative religion and global history, says that such perceptions reflect common misunderstandings between members of different religions and cultures. They represent a fundamental lack of understanding about other cultures and religious traditions. In addition, 25-30% of the US population still believes that their religion is the one and only truth, which creates fertile ground for such biases. Price is passionate about helping people, communities, and the culturally diverse workplace to identify and successfully address widespread stereotypes affecting members of all religions and cultures.

According to Price, there are three common themes found in all religious traditions:

  •     Ethical values such as charity or truthfulness
  •     The spiritual-mystical core of each religion, which is compassion
  •     Universal symbols (e.g. trees, crosses) and mythic tales shaping our own understanding as humans and how we relate to the divine up to this day

“It’s critical that people experience other cultures and religions first-hand by attending their rituals and celebrations as often as possible,” recommends Price. She invites people to spend some time with those who have a different cultural and spiritual background and to ask them what they love most about their religion. All of these tools foster a deeper understanding, allowing people to connect with members of other cultures and faith traditions in ways that are more authentic. Moreover, they serve as a means to build trust within multicultural communities as well as corporations with multinational outreach.

In the 13th century CE, the great poet-mystic Rumi wrote: “All religions, all the singing, are one song. The differences are just illusion and vanity.” Yet eight hundred years later, we still live in a world in which we witness sharp divisions and conflicts between cultures and religions. Now more than ever, it is essential to be reminded of the common ground we all share as one human family.

Anyone interested in supporting the significant work of the "One Truth, Many Paths" e-book project can participate in an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign at

About Isabella Price

Isabella Price is an international speaker and the author of the forthcoming project One Truth, Many Paths – an e-book series that rewrites the traditional stories about religions and offers cutting-edge insights. She has been highly successful with her presentations and workshops at universities, colleges, and adult education centers for nearly 25 years. Price also teaches meditation to veterans suffering from PTSD and other community members. She holds an MA in the humanities from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. For more information, please visit her website at

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