Windows XP Resurrection is Imminent

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Support for Windows XP has ended. Horizon DataSys announces that its freeware recovery solution, RollBack XP has been released from beta and will be made public next week.

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Horizon DataSys announces today, RollBack XP has come out of beta testing and is closer than ever to unveiling their latest freeware instant system restore software for Windows XP: RollBack XP. The recent Windows XP Lockdown has triggered a multitude of responses from both the IT and computer end-user communities: Many are stuck between having to do costly upgrades to newer operating systems, or having to stick with Windows XP, which is no longer receiving important security updates from Microsoft.

The dilemma is a big one, one that is hitting IT departments especially hard, since the Windows XP end of life issue may cause harm to their systems and the software that they use. Some software for certain organizations, especially government offices, does not work for newer operating systems (Referred to as “Legacy Software”). There is now a great need for third party assistance in protecting Windows XP, and Horizon DataSys’s RollBack XP aims to do just that.

Free for the end-user, RollBack XP will negate the need to try and find customized updates for the OS – Simply rolling back to a previous snapshot in case of a threat is the best defense. It is the premier alternative in the field of Windows XP Support, and is a huge benefit to the approximately 1-billion users currently running Windows XP. Our previous freeware software Reboot Restore RX was very successful as a SteadyState alternative, and many users found that it really helped them. We hope to have RollBack XP assist users in a similar fashion – by providing free and accessible restore software where there is no longer support present.

Also, many XP machines are also being used in net cafes and public-access environments. XP works great for kiosks, so it's important to have a kiosk computer recovery solution to match! To purchase an updated OS for all of these systems is just not feasible in today’s economic climate for many of these businesses. RollBack XP aims to be the premier recovery solution for Windows XP in this regard.

Lyle Patel, President and CEO of Horizon DataSys, said:

“We are doing this because there is a huge need for it. With over a billion users remaining, the cost for every single one of those to upgrade is massive. If we can provide even a percentage of those users with the power to fix virtually any PC disaster, then it’s our mission to do so.”

RollBack XP will feature an option to make 5 snapshots. The program works just like RollBack RX, but with a limited number snapshots because it is a freeware product. An option will be available for users who wish to upgrade to a paid version with unlimited snapshots.

RollBack XP will solve many of the issues that require users to protect Windows XP. Any malware, viruses or security threats that will now target XP specifically can be prevented with the use of RollBack XP. It is possible that the major anti-virus developers won’t be writing definitions for these latest threats since they have to focus on protecting newer operating systems. With RollBack XP, anti-virus won’t be necessary on an XP machine, as a diligent user can simply take a new snapshot every single day and roll back within seconds.

How it Works

RollBack XP will function at the subset of the PC’s hard drive, just like RollBack RX does. It also comes with a sub-os built in that installs beneath Windows, allowing the user to access the program’s features before Windows boots up. This enables the user to do things like take snapshots, RollBack to a previous snapshot, or uninstall RollBack XP if necessary.

Working at the subset of the hard drive means that it does not deal with Windows at file level. This allows RollBack XP to recover to a previous snapshot within seconds, as opposed to traditional re-imaging which may require a minimum of 30 minutes to complete. Also, with RollBack XP the user will be able to recover files they were working on when a crash occurred, assuming a snapshot was created with that file. The Recover Files and Explore Snapshot functionalities will be available, just like they are in RollBack RX.

The Final Word

Horizon DataSys has taken it upon itself to help users protect their XP machines for as long as they need them. The release date of RollBack XP is not yet finalized but the Horizon DataSys development team is nearing completion on the project. Stay tuned to the company’s Facebook and Twitter feeds for exact information about when the freeware will be available to the public.

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