Indications of Interest Sought for Carbon Capture, Storage & Utilization (CCUS) Regulation A Offering of Preferred Stock in New Company Selling CCUS Carbon Products

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CCUS provides fossil fuel carbon emissions reductions, but costs are a barrier to industry expansion. Planetary Emissions Management Inc. introduces CCUS carbon products through a Regulation A public offering that incentivizes CCUS operations by lowering costs through public participation and direct measurement of CO2 containment performance.

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An improved approach to monetization of sequestered CO2 is timely—carbon markets are in their infancy and with innovation can shape the future of the fossil fuel industry and a legacy of planetary stewardship.

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is regarded as essential to meeting new proposed emissions reductions for existing and new coal and gas-fired systems, but initial costs are high and a barrier to full-scale operations. Planetary Emissions Management Inc. (PEM) introduces an improved carbon trading approach that is tied to direct measurement of project performance for CO2 containment and is open to public investors. The approach is expected to reduce CCUS energy emissions and costs, ensure human health and safety and increase public buy-in, all requirements for long-term CCUS success. An advertisement describing the publicly available Regulation A security and a form to indicate interest are available for review.

“The CCUS value proposition for stakeholders is that high CCUS performance will result in effective atmospheric management of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels while providing energy and economic benefits, including those from carbon trading, but the trading piece for CCUS is nonexistent—PEM’s approach aims to fill this gap,” said Bruno D.V. Marino, CEO and founder of PEM Inc. PEM Inc is seeking indications of interest in its CCUS Regulation A stock offering, now in the planning stages. PEM will form a new company, Planet Beta Fund, to create the next generation of carbon products, distinct from credits, based on direct measurement at the CCUS project scale. Ideally, the public will invest in CCUS projects that have verified long-term CO2 containment (e.g., no CO2 leakage) and tradable carbon resulting in revenue to stakeholders. The Regulation A demonstration is a blueprint for future offerings. Carbon pricing remains uncertain but corporations are clearly planning for future costs of carbon emissions.

PEM’s patented technology, now in the field-testing stages, provides direct monitoring verification and accounting of carbon based on real-time measurements of carbon containment at the project scale including CO2 leakage should it occur. The PEM technology directly tracks three types of CO2 in the biosphere (PEM's Carbon Codex—carbon 12, carbon 13 and carbon 14). Carbon 14 is the only direct tracer for fossil fuel CO2 and is the centerpiece of PEM's field-based measurement approach. Carbon 14C detection will be of high value in rapidly assessing suspected CCUS CO2 leakage and verifying leakage repairs.

“An improved approach to monetization of sequestered CO2 is timely—carbon markets are in their infancy and with innovation can shape the future of the fossil fuel industry and a legacy of planetary stewardship,” Marino said. PEM plans to launch its CCUS Regulation A security in 2015 and is seeking indications of interest from diverse stakeholders including CCUS projects, buyers, sellers, brokers and partners. Ultimately, incentivizing CCUS through new carbon products will enhance US economic, energy and environmental security, create jobs and address the challenge of increased global warming potential of the atmosphere for future generations.

About PEM Inc. Planetary Emissions Management Inc. (; is an early stage greenhouse gas services and technology company addressing management of atmospheric composition and greenhouse gas markets worldwide.

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