Look Young Atlanta: Atlanta Laser Hair Removal Clinic Discovers Shocking New Trend Among Summer Customers

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Women Are Ditching Their Razors and Opting for the Money Saving Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

See how laser hair removal is more cost-effective at lookyoungatlanta.com

laser hair removal is a more cost-effective solution!

They are abandoning their razors in droves, and joining the laser hair removal revolution as a way to save both time and money.

Women are getting hip to the money-saving benefits of laser hair removal. In their spa located in Midtown, Atlanta, Look Young Atlanta has been seeing a stunning increase in business. It seems the change has to do with the economy picking back up and customers looking to save money on expenses that they consider wasteful. Owner, Jodi Bell says, "They are abandoning their razors in droves, and joining the laser hair removal revolution as a way to save both time and money."

Over a lifetime, women spend more than $10,000 buying razors, creams, gels and other types of shaving products. The cost of the products is not the only thing crushing bank accounts across the nation. The 50 billion liters of combined water use also cost women big. When a person evaluates hair removal in terms of lifetime benefits, it is clear that laser treatment is a better investment.  

Surveys by the American Academy of Plastic Surgeons suggests that the number of women turning to laser hair removal is on the rise. Women are no longer sitting on the sidelines and accepting razors as the “normal” way of getting rid of hair. They are crunching the numbers and realizing that laser treatments are more cost-effective.

Laser treatments cost less than half of what a year’s worth of shaving costs. The difference is that laser hair removal is permanent. Once a woman pays the upfront fee for the service, she reaps the rewards of a hairless body without ever having to shell out another dime. Shaving, however, is only temporary. A woman who wants to stay hairless with this method has to continuously pay the hefty $10,000 a year price tag.

It’s not just about the money. The time commitment associated with shaving is an issue too. The average woman shaves about 12 times per month and spends about 10 minutes per session. Over a year’s time, these numbers add up. The resource of time is just as valuable as money. The sad thing about time is that once it’s lost, there is no way to earn it back.

Laser hair removal is a one-time procedure. Once the hair is removed from an area of the body, it’s gone for good. There is no maintenance needed to maintain the results. A woman can spend the next 50 plus years of life never worrying about shaving another patch of hair off her body.

Imagine how freeing it would feel to never have to search the couch cushions again trying to find stray dollars to buy a new razor blade. Imagine never having to dash to the store after a hard day’s work just to grab a can of shaving gel. The money and time saved over the course of a year can be put to better use. The value of both could easily add up to a tropical vacation.

The infographic on Look Young Atlanta’s website succinctly sums up the time and cost commitment involved in manual hair removal. Check it out here.

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