Announcement: Releases “How to Use a Major 3rd Over a Minor Pentatonic Scale - Blues Guitar Lesson”

In this blues guitar lesson sample video, now available on, Jacques Darville teaches how to use the major third with the minor pentatonic scale.

(PRWEB) June 03, 2014

“I am going to show you something that is really easy to do, but is going to make your solos sound really nice," says Darville. "Most of you would solo using the minor pentatonic scale or blues scale, but this will help you play outside the box a little." Jacques demonstrates how to find the major third as follows; in the key of A, play the major scale starting on A and play to the third note, which is C# (C sharp). Then play the first position of A minor pentatonic and add the C# to it on the 6th fret of the 3rd string. Jacques demonstrates a couple of licks incorporating the major third into them. “Guys like Eric Gales and Joe Bonamassa do this all the time," says Darville. The scale sequence in the key of A is as follows; 6th string 5th fret and 8th fret with first and 4th fingers, 5th string 5th and 7th frets with first and 3rd fingers, 4th string 5th and 7th frets with first and 3rd fingers, 3rd string 5th fret with first finger, 6th fret with 2nd finger, which is the major third, 7th fret with 3rd finger, 2nd and first strings 5th and 8th frets with first and 4th fingers. Guitar TAB’s are available for this blues guitar lesson at

Jacques Darville
Jacques Darville is Danish born American who specializes in both acoustic and electric blues. Jacques has taught guitar and music for over 16 years. He is a graduate of Oakland University in Detroit Michigan where he earned his B.A. in music/performing arts. Jacques currently resides in Copenhagen Denmark where he teaches guitar to students of all ages, and actively plays with his band, Darville Duo. In addition to having a great deal of recording experience, Jacques has also toured in the USA, Denmark, Holland, Austria and the Philippines, both as a solo artist and with different bands.

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